What version of the “truth” do you believe?

Religion, cars, politics, attitudes and philosophies – from a very early age, I have found myself fascinated by what people believe.  Our world offers many different things to believe in, thought processes, perspectives and rationalizations, and naturally, people presume that the collection of their beliefs can loosely be considered “the truth”.

Question markAs a child, I questioned this apparent madness.  My parents took me to church as a kid – a presbyterian church with a certain interpretation of the Bible and all that comes with the whole idea of Christianity and a belief in God.

I knew others who attended a more strict Baptist church with their own unique interpretation of this religion.  And then, there were Lutherans.  And Protestant Catholics.  Jews.  Arabs.  Buddhists.  Atheists.  The list goes on and on.

Warning, kid logic: If our presbyterian church offered “THE” religion, why are people choosing other options?  Wait…there are options? Continue reading “What version of the “truth” do you believe?”