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I lost my six-figure income and I’m much happier

Published August 2, 2017   Posted in Lifestyles

Trust me when I tell you that six-figure jobs aren’t always what they are cracked up to be. I had one and quickly demoted myself. So did the blogger that I’m about to feature in today’s post – only, this blogger wishes to remain anonymous. So, no links back to their blog. And without further […]
Many of us in the personal finance community have written about the fallacy of buying happiness, arguing that it simply cannot be done. While true in many ways, one remarkable study finds that happiness can be bought with money, so long as we’re not spending that money on ourselves. The study is three years old […]

Why happiness is cloaked in not giving a shit

Published February 15, 2016   Posted in How to Think

One of my favorite articles that I have ever read comes from Mark Manson, a guy who notoriously gives it to us straight without regard to political correctness or emotional attachment. One might say that he truly doesn’t give a shit. But on the other hand, he clearly does, and this paradox is fascinating. His […]

Jobs are funny things, and so is quitting!

Published August 17, 2015   Posted in How to Think

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for a variety of organizations. Fresh out of college as an eager young lad, I started in a huge 70,000+ person multi-national corporation. I then worked for a small, 30-ish person startup before quitting and joining a not-for-profit organization in the healthcare industry. And today, I work for a startup-turned-big-boy-company […]

What makes me Happy? What brings me Joy?

Published July 1, 2015   Posted in How to Think

As many of our readers know, Steve and I are planning our futures to get us out of our daily work grind and into a life of more freedom and joy. My mantra, “I want to live the life I want.” Not the life I’ve fallen into, or that’s been chosen by others, or that […]

How much money buys your happiness?

Published April 29, 2015   Posted in How to Think

Though I preach endlessly about the merits of happiness and how independent those merits are from money alone, I do believe that money CAN buy a certain level of happiness – or what I like to call your “happiness number”.  How much money do you think it takes to truly buy happiness before we hit the […]