What makes me Happy? What brings me Joy?

As many of our readers know, Steve and I are planning our futures to get us out of our daily work grind and into a life of more freedom and joy. My mantra, “I want to live the life I want.” Not the life I’ve fallen into, or that’s been chosen by others, or that society dictates.

Obviously this plan involves a process of becoming financially free and deciding what it is we want to do. For me the financially free part is easy. We have our budget and we’re sticking to it. Math and numbers follow the rules. I know that if we stick to budget we’ll meet our financial goals by the end of 2018, so I have no worries on that front. Continue reading “What makes me Happy? What brings me Joy?”

How much money buys your happiness?

Though I preach endlessly about the merits of happiness and how independent those merits are from money alone, I do believe that money CAN buy a certain level of happiness – or what I like to call your “happiness number”.  How much money do you think it takes to truly buy happiness before we hit the point of diminishing returns?  Can this actually get measured?

According to several research studies, it can, and it ain’t that much.

Is it $75,000?

Continue reading “How much money buys your happiness?”