What makes me Happy? What brings me Joy?

4 thoughts on “What makes me Happy? What brings me Joy?”

  1. With all those things making you happy, I don’t see how you could ever not be 🙂 Life is so much better when you look at all the things that make you happy, instead of concentrating on the few things that don’t.

  2. Love that so many of the things on your list are dog-related. 🙂 That sounds a lot like us! Your post and a few others we’ve read this week are reminding us that we should go through this exercise, and think about what REALLY matters to us. We know the general outlines of course — time, freedom, loved ones (that includes furry loved ones!) — but doing some prioritization would probably be good for us. Thanks for the good food for thought! Hope you guys have a great 4th!

  3. 80s music for sure. I think everyone needs to make a list like this. We worry too much about things that stress us out, we’re missing out on the things we enjoy and make us happy now. Love it.

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