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Giving shit to those who retire in their 30s

Published July 24, 2017   Posted in In Retirement

I stumbled across an article recently that was just too good to pass up, one that attempts to boil down the majority of the personal finance community to just basically being cheap. The article, written on a blog that now appears to be old and defunct (go figure), is only five paragraphs long, but somehow distills us […]

How to deal with people who hate your guts

Published July 10, 2017   Posted in Having some fun

The sad truth is that hate is easy. It’s stupid simple to hate someone’s guts. It’s easy to disagree. It is easier to make an enemy than it is to change a tire. Hate is just too damn common in this world, perhaps because the barrier to entry is so low. Anyone can do it. […]
One of the more interesting aspects of early retirement and financial independence is when the concept goes mainstream online. The comments that these articles get are typically very, very negative through traditional media outlets, and I think that it demonstrates so vividly how tough it is for many among us to consider another way of life. […]