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Am I saving enough for early retirement? 9 milestones I’m using to track my progress

Sometimes you need to find early retirement milestones that don't come from your bank account alone.
3 hours ago·6 min read
How to Retire

How to retire early—the healthy way

If your health, or the environment’s health, is important to you, consider retiring early.
Dec 3·5 min read
How to Retire

How to bounce back from early retirement fails

You’re aiming for an early retirement, economizing and buying cheaply wherever and whenever you can. You can practically smell your financial independence ahead. And then something happens...
Nov 26·7 min read
How to Retire

The best advice for living forever off your retirement

Attaining finanical freedom isn't just about making and saving money, it's about being able to maintain a new lifestyle
Oct 21·5 min read
How to Retire

What does it mean to retire early vs. retire from full-time work?

Unlike retiring in your 60s, early retirement isn't about stopping or slowing down. People who retire younger end up doing even more.
Oct 15·5 min read
How to Retire

The Millennial Retirement Plan So Crazy It Just Might Work

When #millennialretirementplan was trending Twitter, one idea gave me hope among the realities of how bad the outlook is for millennials.
Oct 11·8 min read
How to Retire

How much does income affect your post-retirement lifestyle stability?

One of the most spirited debates within the early retirement community revolves around the influence that a high level of savings (as well as income) has on a person's ability to retire early. I have argued in the past that although a high income can help, an aggressive savings schedule is a far better measure to determine a person's fitness for early retirement.
Apr 3·4 min read
How to Retire

3 reasons why we upped and quit our careers without being millionaires

Are you curious about how to retire early without being a millionaire? I'll give you 3 reasons why my wife and I cashed it in and retired early without a million dollars.
Mar 4·4 min read
How to Retire

Is that Starbucks worth another decade of working?

Combine the value of cable and your morning cup-of-Joe and you’re treading in the neighborhood of $1 million in lost wealth over 40 years because of these temporary pleasures. $1 million!
Sep 24, 2018·4 min read
How to Retire

The 3 most critical steps to retire early

Things are happening quickly for us and I think that I have begun taking for granted just how important some of these changes have been in setting us up for early retirement. Truth is, we're on track to beat our goal, and it is definitely wise for me to keep my eye on what is getting us here.
Jul 19, 2017·6 min read
How to Retire

The best advice I can give about retiring early

Back in September of 2016, Brandon (aka: Mad Fientist , Brandon argues for financial automation, which can h
Jan 25, 2017·5 min read
How to Retire

My name is Steve, and I just retired at the age of 35

It’s pretty damn surreal right now. I have achieved my ultimate goal. As of this year, I am done with full-time work. Like, “done” done. Unless something absolutely catastrophic happens, I will never set foot in an office again as a member of their full-time work staff. That’s it, and at the age of 35, I’m free. Best damn Christmas gift ever. My 401k is stacked, and now I am free to pursue everything that I’ve always wanted to pursue but felt like I couldn’t due to the amount of time it takes t
Dec 27, 2016·7 min read