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Jobs are funny things, and so is quitting!

Published August 17, 2015   Posted in How to Think

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for a variety of organizations. Fresh out of college as an eager young lad, I started in a huge 70,000+ person multi-national corporation. I then worked for a small, 30-ish person startup before quitting and joining a not-for-profit organization in the healthcare industry. And today, I work for a startup-turned-big-boy-company […]
I love to read non-fiction self-helpy type books that make me think. You might have guessed that from some of the Friday Feast articles I share. Self growth is very important to me. As the saying goes, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” and in a large sense that’s true. Life is about learning, not […]

What version of the “truth” do you believe?

Published June 24, 2015   Posted in How to Think

Religion, cars, politics, attitudes and philosophies – from a very early age, I have found myself fascinated by what people believe.  Our world offers many different things to believe in, thought processes, perspectives and rationalizations, and naturally, people presume that the collection of their beliefs can loosely be considered “the truth”. As a child, I questioned this apparent […]

Why are people so busy? Slow the hell down!

Published March 1, 2015   Posted in How to Think

Audio introduction I remember about 10 years ago I was talking with a co-worker of mine about our out-of-work activities planned for that weekend.  I happened to mention to him that I love nights and weekends because they allow me time to finally relax and unwind a bit, focus on some of the simpler things in life, […]
Zee over at Work To Not Work published a blog post recently that talked about a topic that is so common, yet, I somehow never gave it much thought in the past.  Imagine yourself at a dinner party for your significant other.  You probably know very few people there.  In an effort to make small […]

Trying damn hard to stay frugal in San Francisco

Published January 15, 2015   Posted in How to Think

My wife and I have a looming trip to one of our favorite cities, San Francisco, to celebrate the birthday of a friend of ours.  But, there is no getting around the fact that San Francisco is not the cheapest place to tootle around in, and our friends of ours are definitely not on the […]

This New Years, don’t resolve, reflect!

Published December 28, 2014   Posted in How to Think

New Years resolutions are overrated.  Every year, we Americans resolve to do many things, like lose weight, get that job promotion, quit smoking or save more money.  We constantly look towards the future and the new things that we want to do, forgetting to reflect on what worked for us (and what didn’t) in our past.

Why I quit my job as a high level manager

Published December 18, 2014   Posted in How to Think

I admit it – I spent the majority of my early working life looking for the next big promotion.  Everybody wants to be the boss, and I drove into work each and every day with a big smile on my face, making a conscious effort to say the right things around the right people, to better […]

5 steps to better gas mileage, guaranteed

Published December 14, 2014   Posted in How to Save How to Think

Though I generally believe driving to be a miserable way to spend my time, I nonetheless drive when life calls: to the gym or grocery store, up to my in-laws’ house for holidays and other occasions and, every now and again, to my client’s fortress (also known as their “office”) nearly 1.5 hours away.  During […]

Give something more meaningful this Christmas

Published December 11, 2014   Posted in How to Think

It’s the holiday season, and you are probably bombarded with two types of stimuli: the sweet, so-called kick-ass deals on stuff like big screen TVs, BluRay players, cell phones, clothes and even cars…or blogs (like this one) that caution against overspending and blowing your hard earned money on stupid gifts and useless luxury items that drain […]