Crafting the Stories of our Lives: “A Million Years in a Thousand Days” by Donald Miller

I love to read non-fiction self-helpy type books that make me think. You might have guessed that from some of the Friday Feast articles I share. Self growth is very important to me. As the saying goes, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying” and in a large sense that’s true. Life is about learning, not only about the outside world but also about ourselves. What are our truths? What makes us Happy? Who are we? What are our stories?

donald-miller-million-miles-reviewThat last question is a new one for me. Steve and I think about our stories to come, our post-career lives when we can choose how we spend our days and the adventures we will have outside of full time jobs. That’s as close as I’ve come to “choosing my story”, a future daydream. That’s how most people choose their stories. But our real stories are what we’re doing right now…today. We are choosing the story of our life with each decision we make. What kind of story is it?

Donald Miller wrote an extremely interesting and inspiring book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years“, that made me really think about the stories we are crafting with our lives. A Million Miles tells Donald’s story. Donald wrote a very successful memoir and then settled back into normal life.  It wasn’t until 2 film producers decided to make a movie out of his memoir and asked him to help edit and change his own life for the big screen that he began to question the life we was living. Continue reading “Crafting the Stories of our Lives: “A Million Years in a Thousand Days” by Donald Miller”

What version of the “truth” do you believe?

Religion, cars, politics, attitudes and philosophies – from a very early age, I have found myself fascinated by what people believe.  Our world offers many different things to believe in, thought processes, perspectives and rationalizations, and naturally, people presume that the collection of their beliefs can loosely be considered “the truth”.

Question markAs a child, I questioned this apparent madness.  My parents took me to church as a kid – a presbyterian church with a certain interpretation of the Bible and all that comes with the whole idea of Christianity and a belief in God.

I knew others who attended a more strict Baptist church with their own unique interpretation of this religion.  And then, there were Lutherans.  And Protestant Catholics.  Jews.  Arabs.  Buddhists.  Atheists.  The list goes on and on.

Warning, kid logic: If our presbyterian church offered “THE” religion, why are people choosing other options?  Wait…there are options? Continue reading “What version of the “truth” do you believe?”

Why are people so busy? Slow the hell down!

Audio introduction

I remember about 10 years ago I was talking with a co-worker of mine about our out-of-work activities planned for that weekend.  I happened to mention to him that I love nights and weekends because they allow me time to finally relax and unwind a bit, focus on some of the simpler things in life, enjoying my time before life literally passes me by.  The weekends were my time to relax. Continue reading “Why are people so busy? Slow the hell down!”

5 steps to better gas mileage, guaranteed

Though I generally believe driving to be a miserable way to spend my time, I nonetheless drive when life calls: to the gym or grocery store, up to my in-laws’ house for holidays and other occasions and, every now and again, to my client’s fortress (also known as their “office”) nearly 1.5 hours away.  During these hours on the road, I realized something fairly shocking. Continue reading “5 steps to better gas mileage, guaranteed”

Give something more meaningful this Christmas

It’s the holiday season, and you are probably bombarded with two types of stimuli: the sweet, so-called kick-ass deals on stuff like big screen TVs, BluRay players, cell phones, clothes and even cars…or blogs (like this one) that caution against overspending and blowing your hard earned money on stupid gifts and useless luxury items that drain your pocketbook.  Continue reading “Give something more meaningful this Christmas”