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Guest post: 4 ways to decrease your tax burden

Published February 27, 2016   Posted in My Guest Posts

Happy weekend everyone! I come to you with a guest post about our favorite subject in the world to talk about. That’s right, taxes! As insanely complex as our tax system is, knowing as much as you can about how it all works is the key to minimizing overpaying for your tax burden. In general, the […]

How to rock your next interview and get the job

Published October 7, 2015   Posted in How to Think

In a previous life, I did quite a bit of hiring.  I’ve seen all kinds of candidates from all walks of life.  I’ve read more resumes than I could possibly remember, and I politely sat in interviews while candidates whistled their way through bullshit answers to questions that I really didn’t care much about anyway. […]
If you are like me, you love free stuff.  But if you can’t get free, an inexpensive do-it-yourself project might be the next best thing, and that is just what my wife and I did over the weekend to come up with some truly nice looking picture frames that look just like clipboards. These clipboards are light-weight and easy to hang and […]