Maybe spending all that money in my 20s was a good thing

With all this talk about early retirement and the hilarious financial mistakes that I made in an earlier life, it is tough to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, all that money that I recklessly blew through in my 20s might actually turn into a good thing.

A pile of moneyI have written before about how imperfect I truly am.  Throughout my life, I have made some pretty common financial mistakes that I am literally paying for to this day.  While I never saddled myself with high interest credit card debt, my spending habits were, shall we say, less than frugal.

For example, a year out of college I bought a used Corvette convertible for $25k, which happened to be just under a half year’s salary at the time.  Just months out of college and BOOM, I had already blown through nearly half of my salary. Continue reading “Maybe spending all that money in my 20s was a good thing”