Ladies and Gentlemen: The Liebster Award!

Brian from one of my favorite blogs,, nominated Think Save Retire for the Liebster Award, which is a way to learn more about newer blogs and especially the people who make all the magic happen behind the scenes.  I like the idea, so I will take the bull by the horns and complete my part of this experience.

Liebster AwardAs part of the award, blog authors are asked to provide a little bit of information about themselves that blog readers probably wouldn’t know.  I’m a bit of an open book, so here goes!

I am an adrenaline junky.  I rode a Yamaha R1 sportbike for years and nearly killed myself too many times to continue riding that sucker.  It was a blast to ride, just a ton of fun.  But alas, I have “upgraded” to an old-man bike, a cruiser.  I’m riding a Honda VTX 1300c now and thoroughly enjoy it. Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Liebster Award!”