Life is short, so live a little…they say

“Life is too short.  I wanna have some fun now.”  Or, maybe it goes something like “Life’s short, live a little”.  However it is said, the underlying point remains pretty clear: don’t delay your ability to spend some serious cash.  After all, “life is short”.

And you know what?  I agree.  I 100% agree that life is too short and, well, let’s have some damn fun before it is too late, shall we?

Working until you are 60 or older does not sound like much fun to me.  Life is short, so why spend the most productive years of your life in an office?  Live a little, damnit.  Live!

Courtney and me on a San Francisco brunch cruise
The wife and me in San Francisco

To me, the best way to ensure a lifetime of having fun is to not work a day past your 40th birthday (or, perhaps better said, be financially independent by then).

Imagine for a minute hopelessly trying to blow out that trick candle that one of your jackass friends placed on your 40th birthday cake and thinking to yourself how freakishly awesome life is going to be in your 40s and beyond not commuting into an office, answering to managers, filling out status reports or delivering PowerPoint presentations.  Ladies and gentlemen, this sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me! Continue reading “Life is short, so live a little…they say”