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Why happiness is cloaked in not giving a shit

Published February 15, 2016   Posted in How to Think

One of my favorite articles that I have ever read comes from Mark Manson, a guy who notoriously gives it to us straight without regard to political correctness or emotional attachment. One might say that he truly doesn’t give a shit. But on the other hand, he clearly does, and this paradox is fascinating. His […]
Here’s something that I bet you didn’t know: it takes me 17 steps to get to work every day. For some bizarre reason, I mentally counted my gracefully effortless strides this morning as I made my short commute to my home office where I work full time in information technology. But as I sat down to begin my workday, […]
If you are an avid reader of this blog (of course you are!), you probably know that I have become a believer in slowing down in life and doing everything with a bit more thoughtfulness.  I hate the feeling of being rushed.  I make too many mistakes that way. Slowing down has helped me to […]
I admit it – I have always hated articles that feature a 30-something who successfully retired in his or her 30s and is living the life of their dreams (and most likely traveling across the world), happy as a freaking clam. Before I decided to retire early, those articles never inspired me to make a […]
Throughout these pages, I painstakingly chronicle (preach?) the things that my wife and I have done to minimize our lifestyle, think happy thoughts and focus on true financial independence and happiness – with a little bit of retirement thrown in.  I have improved a hell of a lot over the past couple of years, but […]

Income vs. Savings: The epic battle

Published November 30, 2014   Posted in How to Retire

This website is a lot of things, but it is definitely not a resource for learning how to “get rich quick”.  Why?  Not only is getting rich “quick” an idea that was generated purely for revenue by clever marketing geniuses at publishing factories, it also flies squarely against every principle that early retirement stands for. Never assume […]