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I retired early, but I’m no expert

Published March 29, 2017   Posted in How to Think

It is interesting how many of us consider ourselves “experts” after we accomplish something. Even in the ER community, I stumble across bloggers who retire early, then turn around and offer coaching services because they are, in theory, “experts” at early retirement. Why? Because they’ve done it, I suppose. First, allow me to say in no […]
You’re a dude or dudette, and you just stumbled onto a blog that talks about money. But, not just “money” – personal money. The person who runs the blog probably wants to retire early, or at least achieve financial independence, and he or she is writing about their progress. Boom, it’s that simple. It’s like […]

Think Personal Finance is hard? Poppycock!

Published August 15, 2016   Posted in How to Save

Gifted. It is a term I always hated in school because it labels certain kids “smart” and others, well…If you weren’t in the gifted program, you were just “average”, learning the best you can alongside the rest of those lemmings. I was never in the gifted program. I was a B-student with the occasional C sprinkled in […]