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What grade school teaches us about our future

Published June 23, 2017   Posted in How to Think

If you like to learn (and since you’re reading this blog, the answer is definitely “YES”), then grade school was where it was at.  It seems like with the passing of each grade, us studious young human beings took the knowledge and experience acquired over the past year and used it to shape the next. We grew, […]

How smart does one need to be to retire early?

Published December 10, 2014   Posted in Having some fun

Life is pretty damn sweet right now.  While writing this blog post, I am spending a quiet Wednesday afternoon on our back patio enjoying the beautiful 75 degree air on this most perfect of fall days in southern Arizona.  The sky is clear, winds calm and the mountains to our north are about as beautiful as […]
Audio introduction There once was a dude from the southeast who thought that life could be broken down into a few simple constructs: get a job, buy stuff, retire and die.  Yep, that dude was me.  Early retirement?  Not in the cards.  401k retirement plan?  Sure, but only the minimum.  Retirement was the furthest thing […]