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10 simple steps to invest in a Roth IRA

Published February 8, 2017   Posted in How to Save

Hey you investment loving number-crunchers! I’ve got a guest post today from Andy Hill who runs the Marriage, Kids and Money podcast. Sweet program that’s both clean and fun. And best of all, I was on it! Anyway, today Andy is talking Roth IRAs. Give it up! The magical Roth IRA … You’ve heard that […]

I have maxed out my 401k and Roth IRA, so now what?

Published November 9, 2015   Posted in How to Save

As you probably know by now, I’m a bit of a saver. In fact, over the past year I have turned into a turbo-saver by throwing every last dollar that I can into savings in preparation for the ever-sweet departure date at the end of 2016. In October, I maxed out my 401k and Roth IRA […]