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How to retire with a high income: A definitive guide

If you're wondering how to retire with a high income, you won't want to miss this definitive guide from early retirement expert Steve Adcock.
Jun 25, 2019·5 min read
How to Think

Don't let passion get in the way of your college degree

College degrees help you to earn a living, not pursue your passion. Here is how to choose a degree with high potential, even if it's not your passion.
May 31, 2019·5 min read
How to Think

Frugal living: Is life more difficult for those of us who are frugal?

Frugal living isn't about spending less money. Instead, it's about spending money on the right things to squeeze max value out of them.
May 27, 2019·4 min read
How to Save

How I feed a family of five for less than $600 a month

How do I feed a family of five for less than the average cost to feed a family of four? By utilizing simple but effective buying strateiges.
May 16, 2019·5 min read

Five things to know after graduating from college

After graduating from college, the learning never stops. I am a 37-year old early retiree who learned that college isn't what I thought it would be.
May 6, 2019·6 min read
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How to invest money so you don't go dead broke

Looking for how to invest money so you won't lose everything? There are six proven techniques that smart investors use to build serious wealth.
Apr 29, 2019·10 min read
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Personal finance etiquette for 2019: Your stupid simple guide to talking money

Though money and personal finance can be tough to talk about, it doesn't have to be. Here is a situational guide for handling money talk.
Apr 21, 2019·8 min read
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How much does income affect your post-retirement lifestyle stability?

One of the most spirited debates within the early retirement community revolves around the influence that a high level of savings (as well as income) has on a person's ability to retire early. I have argued in the past that although a high income can help, an aggressive savings schedule is a far better measure to determine a person's fitness for early retirement.
Apr 3, 2019·4 min read
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You don't need any more personal finance advice

It's true. We all know how to reach financial independence and retire early. We all know that saving more than we spend will result in a rapid and consistent increase in our net worth. Thankfully for those of us who suck at math (including me), the equation is simple. Don't over-complicate this stuff, folks. What's this personal finance advice that we already know? We know that dropping $50,000 on a brand new car when we're 25 and
Dec 31, 2018·4 min read

A guide to developing New Years Resolutions that *actually work*, in four steps

Most of us suck at developing New Year's resolution. In fact, about eight in 10 resolutions fail and quickly bec
Dec 18, 2018·6 min read
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Don't let early retirement box you into stupid corners

How many of you good people have , those money challenges are common. But, I haven't entered a single one of them. Not because they're useless. Not because they are harmful. It's because I don't need to enter a contest to see ho
Dec 6, 2018·4 min read
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This Black Friday, spend as much as you want, but make sure that...

This year, I'm doing something different on Black Friday. Instead of posting the usual "don't spend money!" post, or telling you that so many Black Friday "deals" aren't actual deals , I'm saying this instead: Spend as much money as you want. Seriously, just do it. Because honestly, approximately 100% of the people won't be listening to us bloggers anyway when it comes to their decision-making. And, that makes total sense. If they want that televisio
Nov 23, 2018·2 min read