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How to Save

Should I buy or lease a car? My thought process to decide.

Wondering whether you should buy a new car? Here's how I decided.
Feb 11·4 min read
How to Save

100 ways to spend less and save more money in 2020

The economy has been great. We’re all making money hand over fist. But I’ve got some news for you, and you might not like it...
Dec 5, 2019·12 min read
In Retirement

My "Don't Be A Dumb Ass" to-do list for 2018

Here we are, another year. But this time, the year ends in an 8, and you know what that means? Well, nothing really. Except, I'm feelin' pretty good about this year. It's going to be a bad-ass year, full of shine and light on dumb-ass-ness. At least I hope. I'm so confident about this year, in fact, that I've decided to make my very own "Don't Be A Dumb Ass" to-do list, full of things I should (or should not) do during this year to accomplish my goal of anti-dumb-assery. You ready? Let's see ho
Jan 1, 2018·4 min read
Change Your Life

The new year is here! What 2015 means to me

Finally, the new year has arrived. No more anticipation. No more resolutions or reflections. No more, "Next year, I will..." utterances. The next year is here, so it's time to finally put up or shut up. Happy New Year to one and all.
Jan 1, 2015·2 min read

This New Years, don't resolve, reflect!

The resolution process seems relatively pointless to me because the idea of New Years goal-setting is much too robotic, and it is tough for me to establish realistic and achievable goals for the future if I don't make an effort to examine what worked well for me in the past.
Dec 28, 2014·5 min read