Downsizing my photo equipment? What?!?

Well, I finally did it.  In the name of both frugality and minimalism (and maybe a little thinking ahead), I decided to officially buy into a camera system that is significantly smaller, lighter and easier to carry with me than my current – and much-beloved, Nikon-based camera system.

From our Memorial Day 2015 hike to Tanque Verde Falls.
From our Memorial Day 2015 hike to Tanque Verde Falls.

Everybody likes getting new stuff.  It was not easy to press that ‘Buy Now’ button for my new (to me) photography equipment, though.

Imagine for a moment working with a particular brand or type of equipment for years and years, and one day making the decision to sell it all.  The reasons for my switch are in my best interest, but still, letting go of the equipment that I’ve used, practiced with and know so well is still a bitter-sweet moment. Continue reading “Downsizing my photo equipment? What?!?”

Turn your life into a black and white photo

Most of my loyal readers probably know by now that photography is a big part of my life.  Though currently my hobby, it is what I love to do, and my ability to capture nature’s beauty is enabled by how my perspective on everyday life has changed over the years.  Today, I can see beauty in nearly everything.

The Grand Canyon in northern Arizona on a frigid December day.

Recently, I made the decision to switch over to black and white for the majority of my photography.  I have always loved black and white.  It probably all started back in high school when I setup my own darkroom in our basement to develop film and print my own photos.  The process was amazing to learn, and I can still immediately recognize the smell of those chemicals to this very day. Continue reading “Turn your life into a black and white photo”