Turn your life into a black and white photo

7 thoughts on “Turn your life into a black and white photo”

  1. Wow, amazing photos. It’s great that you can turn your talent into a side business and make some income off it.

    Breathe, relax, I need to remind myself to breathe sometimes as I have the type A personality. I want to get things done quickly, and the way I plan. Sometimes, things don’t go my way, I had to quickly think of different solutions.

    Great posts!

  2. That is a great analogy! I too, love photography – one of those hobbies I rarely have time for anymore. Some of my favorite photographs that I have taken are black and white. I am attracted to the simplicity and clarity that is revealed when color is stripped away.

  3. I like the analogy. I miss black and white stuff. For some reason, my husband gets headaches when he tries to look at/watch black and white for long. So many movies I want to show him that I can’t.

    And yeah, there’s a certain beauty to a simplified color palette. And, despite what my husband says, there are plenty of gradations that show depth, proportion, etc. He’s just missing out.

    1. Hey there Abigail,

      I agree that your husband is missing out. Personally, I would put a gorgeous black and white print up against a gorgeous color print any day of the week. They are different, but just as beautiful. Weddings, for example, tend to turn out wonderfully when converted over into black and white.

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