The personal finance community is filled with so many talented writers and inspiring families in search of something better out of life than the traditional society-approved plan of buying lots of stuff and retiring in your 60s if you’re lucky.

Here is a look at the best of this week’s personal finance blogs.

In this episode of Friday Feast: Mama Fish Saves, Physician on Fire, Freedom Is Groovy, Dividend Monkey, Dad Is Cheap, 1500 Days, You Can Be Free 123, Action Econ, Bare Budget Guy, The Freedom From Money.

readingWelcome to the end of another week. The Friday Feast is my opportunity to highlight some of the best personal finance content that I read during the week. Both old and new articles get mentioned here because I enjoy going through people’s posting archives.

Now, on to the personal finance blogosphere!

First, did you know that Mama Fish Saves has a Family Finance Board of Directors?

And Physician on Fire published a killer post about a doctor who totally failed at retiring early.

My favorite post of the week

My favorite post this week comes from Freedom is Groovy who wrote about making over $43k so far this year…retired.

“As of 5/1/2017, our net worth is $43,769.83 higher than it was on 1/1/2017. But so far this year, we have spent $10,806.03. Not freaking bad.”

Not freaking bad, indeed. But, let’s face it: The market has made everybody a good chunk of change as of late. We’re livin’ large right now, but, as Mr. Groovy asks, “Is the big one coming?”

“My fears are twofold. First, I have very little faith in our elites. I just don’t think those who are running big government, big journalism, big education, big entertainment, big business, big finance, etc., etc., know what the hell they’re doing. Second, from my ignorant, layperson perch, the stock market looks extremely overvalued.”

Maybe the stock market is like a piece of art…it’s worth whatever someone will pay for it.

More from the personal finance community

The Dividend Monkey wrote about seven reasons why dividend investing is stupid. Wait, what?  😉

And, Dad Is Cheap tackles an important topic to many who have kids: How do you afford to parent?

Also, 1500 Days asked an interesting question: What would you STILL not do, even if money was no object?

Lastly, You Can Be Free 123 talks about dumb dichotomies.

Honorable mentions: Action Econ asks is it wise to pay off your mortgage?, Bare Budget Guy is making a huge move, and lastly, The Freedom From Money has started a Podcast!

Photo of the week

We spent a week camping near Bryce Canyon National Park. Amazing place, breathtaking landscape. Wow, nature.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to another financially productive week ahead!