The Friday Feast ~ the 28th of August

11 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 28th of August”

  1. A great feast, indeed. I loved the exposure therapy article as well as the 4% rant on 1500 Days (and now I have a legitimate fear of DEATH BY KOMODO DRAGON!). Happy Friday!

  2. Loved all of these posts this week, and about to check out the Atlantic article. Thanks, as always, for a great list! Can’t wait to hear about your New York trip! It’s probably not helpful to tell you about the life-changing meal we had at Per Se a few years back… Ah, the good old days. 🙂

    1. Amazing, isn’t it? Lifestyle inflation in pursuit of MORE, MORE, MORE is an incredible phenomenon that’s keeping people at work for decades longer than otherwise required. Sad indeed.

  3. Thanks for the shout out on your Friday Feast. I read all of these posts in my regular reading, except for “The Atlantic”, which I just discovered with your site.

    I discovered through my recent article, just how much our readers have been exercising their frugal muscles, making some rather thrifty lifestyle choices. Steve, we have a great community of people in this FIRE gang.

    We too are taking some vacation next week, hitting the road in our trailer (not an Airstream 🙂 ) next week for some vacation time. Have a great and safe trip to New York!

    1. Hey Bryan,

      Enjoy the vacation – I know we will, and after the last couple weeks at work, I need it. Yours might be a little more scenic than mine, though. 😉

      Agreed, it really is a great community of FI folks, all goal oriented towards a very similar purpose.

      It’s great!

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