The About Series: What is Think, Save, Retire?

14 thoughts on “The About Series: What is Think, Save, Retire?”

  1. Thanks for writing Steve! And thanks for not trying to sell me anything 😉

    One of my main reasons for my blog is to ensure I stay on my set path. Definitely makes it much harder to veer from it that way.

  2. Your honesty is what we love about your blog. Keep up the good work. I write to keep me on the right financial path as well. It helps me think through what’s important and how to make my life the most efficient.

  3. Thanks for the backstory, I like the idea of an about series, Challenge accepted!
    Our blog is a way for us to stay committed and hold ourselves accountable. We figured that was an “easy” way to do both.

  4. Challenge accepted by us, too! Love this idea!

    It’s especially cool to know how you write, and that you tend to have bursts of inspiration. Same here. And sometimes we write whole posts that we never publish, or that languish forever in drafts, because we can never get the thesis statement right. I’d say more about why we write, but I’ll save that for the post. 🙂

    1. I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I’ll just let posts sit for several days. I also like to re-read posts a day or two before they are posted with a fresh state of mind. There’s almost always something that I tweak by doing that. 🙂

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