weBoost Drive X RV Review: 2021

weBoost Drive X RV Review: 2021

weBoost Drive X RV Review: 2021

Need to boost your cellular service when you're on the road? Look no further than the weBoost Drive X RV!

weBoost Drive X RV Review: 2021

    If you want to be a digital nomad, you have to make sure you’re set up for success. It would be pretty difficult to blog about living in an RV without access to the internet. The best option for internet access while you’re on the road is usually a wifi hotspot connected to a wireless network through a cell phone provider.

    What happens when you’re RVing through Tombstone National Park and you have very little signal from your carrier, though? Don’t worry. With its ability to amplify signals from cell towers up to +50 dB, the weBoost Drive X RV allows you to travel wherever you want and stay connected.

    This wireless signal booster was specifically designed to be used in a moving RV. It can be used by multiple devices at once, it’s not limited to one North American wireless provider (and can actually access multiple at the same time), PLUS it can help extend the battery life of your devices since you won’t be straining them searching for a signal.

    In my experience, I was able to access service through Verizon in places that I didn’t expect, and I don’t know that I could ever take an RV road trip without it now!

    What is the weBoost Drive X RV?

    In plain terms it finds cellular signals through an omni-directional antenna mounted on top of your RV, sends those signals to the booster box inside your RV, and allows you to connect all of your devices to the new, stronger signal. This makes for much easier calling, texting, and hotspot internet use whether you’re on the road or parked somewhere remote.

    What comes with the weBoost Drive X RV?


    When you purchase this weBoost, you’ll receive:

    • The Drive X booster box
    • A Omni-Directional antenna
    • A desktop antenna
    • An AC/DC wall power cord
    • A 20-foot-long RG-6 cable
    • 15 sets of cable mounts
    • A fused hardwire DC/DC power supply system
    • A cable entry cover

    That’s a ton of stuff. One of my favorite things about this product was the fact that it came with literally everything I needed to get set up--even the cable mounts (which I never would’ve thought of).

    Is it easy to set up the weBoost Drive X RV?

    This isn’t the most difficult thing I’ve ever installed, but it isn’t quite as simple as plugging in and rolling on to your next adventure. The omni-directional antenna needs to be mounted to the top of your RV, and it needs to have access to power at all times.

    Mounting the antenna on top of the RV is the hardest part of the installation for many people. Some people don’t struggle at all to install it, some people end up having to go to a professional to get it installed, and some people can’t get it installed at all and give up entirely. If you’re not at least somewhat handy, you may want to look into having this device installed by an RV dealer.

    Where and when can I use my weBoost Drive X RV?

    You can use the weBoost anywhere in North America, any time--even if your RV is moving. This is, in my opinion, the best thing about the weBoost. There are other wireless signal boosters, but what makes the weBoost Drive X RV stand out is its ability to function in a moving vehicle. I love being able to blog, tweet, and shop online while my husband pilots our RV all over the US!

    Who will find this product useful?

    Anyone who travels extensively in an RV absolutely needs the weBoost Drive X RV. However, a lot of people commented on this device explaining that they use it to boost wireless signals in their remote cabins, at their camp sites, and in their hunting trailers. One person even mentioned that they use this device in their Manhattan apartment in order to help drown out the wireless noise from other high-rise apartments in their area! The weBoost Drive X RV is a practical device for almost anyone you can think of. Especially those of us who love having the freedom to travel anywhere but stay connected.

    Is there anything else I should know about the weBoost Drive X RV?

    Yes! This is a big one: The weBoost Drive X RV only works if you already have reception through your wireless provider. It cannot boost what’s not there. Most of the negative reviews that I read about the weBoost Drive X RV were centered around the fact that it wasn’t able to take a signal from nothing to something, so it is important to remember that the Drive X RV was designed to boost an existing signal– not to create its own signal.. I didn’t run into this trouble, just by luck of only traveling places with a (very weak at times) Verizon signal, but your mileage may vary!

    Additionally, some people have reported that this device doesn’t work as well with Sprint as it does with other wireless providers. According to weBoost, “Government regulations in the U.S. prohibit boosting a particular frequency used by some of the Sprint network. Most Sprint customers still see performance improvement from weBoost signal boosters.” Thankfully, weBoost has a reasonable return policy so, if you find that this booster just isn’t working for you, you can send the device back with very little hassle.

    Top Takeaways

    • I found this device to be very useful in boosting my cell phone reception and my signal from my wireless hotspot. It wasn’t able to create a signal out of thin air, but it did boost whatever was available to me.
    • The installation was a little bit challenging, though not impossible.
    • A weBoost can’t boost something that isn’t there—you must have some signal.
    • The higher price of this unit is worth it for the fact that the package contains everything you need to make this booster fully functional, and you get access to excellent customer service from weBoost
    • If you are looking for more freedom to live on the road, especially if you are seeking to live the digital nomad lifestyle, this device is an absolute must.
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