What’s on your personal business card?

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  1. I haven’t used business cards for a long-long time, and haven’t seen them for a while.
    What would my card say… Hm, that’s an interesting… My, probably, would say “The Friendly Russian” on the front and “The American dream is alive” on the back

  2. I was just thinking about this yesterday when I tweeted about how FIRE requires that you have a life, not just investments. Anyway, I think I’d like the front of my personal card to read “Helpful.” And then I’d put my email address on the back, large font. 🙂

  3. Great challenge Steve, one that really forces you to question your raison d’être, so to speak. Like Ty, I’m in, and will take it away. I’m curious, how long did it take you to decide what would be on your card. Was it immediately obvious, or did it require some deep thought/soul searching?

    1. Thanks! Actually, it took longer than I had anticipated – a couple days of off-and-on thinking, in fact. I originally started with “Blogger”, but that didn’t cut it. It didn’t describe everything that I’m trying to get across. In the end, a more generic “Content Creator” was the perfect fit.

      1. I thought about this more over the weekend, that one word that I would place on a personal business card. I came up with “Collaborator.” It’s got a real ‘take action’ ring to it, and reflects my style when it comes to work and creative projects. Some people take a ‘lone wolf’ approach, while I tend to look for people that have complimentary skill sets to my own, and work together to achieve a result superior to anything I could accomplish on my own.

        On the reverse of the card, I would list my current creative activities:

        blogger/digital marketer/music producer

        Something like that…: )

  4. I really like this idea, great post. And your card is pretty slick looking. I think mine might say something like “professional recreationist” since I like to spend copious amounts of my free time doing outdoor adventures. I should start working on a design

  5. Content creator sounds better than blogger. More descriptive. For some reason, even as a blogger myself, if I saw the word ‘blogger’ on a business card, my mind immediately goes to some 2002 online journal, haha.

    I kept mine simple. I put My name, title (content writer+marketer) and email address. I got the cards from Moo with a design that includes a quote (not mine) on the back!

  6. I really dislike when people ask that question to make small talk, “What do you do?” and then just want to talk about what we do for our jobs. It’s much more interesting to talk about what people are passionate about and how they spend their free time. I prefer to ask “What do you REALLY want to do?” to get them to think past their 9-5, or at least ask what they do for fun..You tend to get much better answers.

  7. As I celebrate week one of my retirement, this one hit home for me. One of my last business trips was to Japan; a country that relishes in business cards and titles. Now that I am no longer a senior director or consultant, what am I? I like the idea of stating passions… reader, learner, and appreciator of joy. Great post (as always)

    1. Thanks Rachel! Absolutely – a personal business card with your passion is a beautiful thing, and starts to tell the real picture of who you are. 🙂

  8. Nice business card Steve. I can’t remember ever having a business card when I worked at a job.

    What would I put on one now? “Stay at home dad who FIRED after he tired of working in the corporate world”?

    Doesn’t sound nearly as cool as “Blogger, Youtuber, and Early Retiree”

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