10 Apps to Earn $280+/Month in PayPal Money

10 Apps to Earn $280+/Month in PayPal Money

10 Apps to Earn $280+/Month in PayPal Money

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10 Apps to Earn $280+/Month in PayPal Money

    As the cost of living continues to increase, more and more people are flocking to the internet in search of additional ways to make money. But one of the common deal breakers for hopeful hustlers—these money-making platforms don’t offer PayPal transfers.

    Its safety and security measures, like protection against fraudulent transactions, make it the preferred payment method for 70% of millennials. That said, digging to find platforms that allow you to earn real cash and offer PayPal transfers can be time-consuming.

    We’ve compiled a list below of 10 money-making apps that allow you to earn PayPal money. From paid surveys, to cash back, to paid games—there’s something for everyone.

    1. Swagbucks

    Swagbucks is a popular online rewards program that allows users to earn points, called SB or Swagbucks, by completing activities like surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and searching the web. As with all similar platforms, the earning potential isn’t anything to write home about.

    Source: Swagbucks

    That said, some users have shared their earnings, claiming they’ve earned $3,000 from Swagbucks since beginning to use it. You can redeem the points via PayPal or for a gift card.

    2. InboxDollars

    Paid surveys are InboxDollars’ real bread and butter, although they also offer paid games and cash back for shopping.

    Based on our research, InboxDollars pays roughly $0.50 to $5.00 for each survey, which range from 3 to 25 minutes to complete. While there are some one-off surveys at $10 and $20, the majority pay fairly low.

    That said, avid users claim to make around $60 per month using the app. Is that a life-altering amount? Maybe not. But is it enough to cover a nice meal out each month? For sure.

    3. KashKick

    KashKick is yet another paid survey platform, with some paid games and extra offers sprinkled in. You’ll find it on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, making it easy to access to start earning.

    In comparing KashKick to its competitors, we found that in most cases, their surveys paid more than platforms like InboxDollars. Once you’ve accumulated $10 in earnings, you’ll be able to cashout via PayPal.

    4. FreeCash

    FreeCash offers three ways to earn: playing paid games, signing up with offer partners, and completing surveys. While this sounds similar to the platforms we’ve listed above, FreeCash stands out for its transparent approach.

    For each paid survey and game, you’ll find all the details upfront—how long the survey will take, the potential earnings, or the level you’ll need to reach in the game to receive the earnings. They also publicly advertise the average time commitment needed to earn $50 on the platform.

    Source: FreeCash

    5. Fetch

    Fetch is one of the most popular receipt scanning apps, allowing you to earn rewards after purchasing qualifying items. Most qualifying items are grocery and household products, like snacks, makeup, cleaning products, and personal care items.

    For example, based on the offers available at the time of writing, a receipt with Miss Vickie’s Potato Chips, a pack of Lipton Iced Tea, and a bag of Cheetos Pretzels would earn you 4,250 points, or around $4.25 once redeemed.

    Depending on how often you shop, where you shop, and what you buy, you could earn a decent bit with Fetch. When you’re ready to redeem, you can choose from hundreds of gift cards from major retailers, or redeem for a Visa Prepaid Card. From there, you can transfer the prepaid card to your PayPal wallet and use it anywhere PayPal is accepted.

    6. Ibotta

    Ibotta is virtually the same as Fetch—earn rewards at 2,000+ retailers by scanning receipts and shopping online. The one differentiating factor—and downside—of Ibotta is that you’ll need to activate the offers before shopping, as opposed to simply scanning your receipt in after and seeing what you qualify for.

    Once you’ve hit $20 in earnings, you can cash out via PayPal or ACH transfer. While most active Ibotta users earn around $240 per year, some report earning upwards of $1,000 per year.

    7. PayPal Honey

    Okay, this one might be obvious. PayPal Honey, formerly known as Honey, is a free browser extension that hunts for coupons, gives you cash back at hundreds of retailers, and tracks the pricing data of items you look at.

    To earn PayPal money with Honey, simply download the browser extension via your browser’s web store or your mobile phone’s app store. Then, shop as normal. When you visit a retailer with a cash back offer or coupon, a pop-up will appear. Follow the steps shown on the screen, and the cash back will be deposited into your account.

    When you’re ready to redeem, you can cash out via PayPal.

    8. Rakuten

    Rakuten, formerly Ebates, is another well-loved browser extension for earning cash back at all of your favorite retailers. Once installed, Rakuten will alert you of cash back offers, coupons, and pricing details—like if the item you’re viewing is available for a lower price at another retailer.

    How much you earn from Rakuten depends on how often you shop, what you buy, and which retailers you shop at. On the low end, you’d likely earn $10 to $50 per month, and on the high end, you could earn $100+ per month.

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    9. Evidation

    If your daily routine includes walking several thousand steps, downloading an app like Evidation is the way to go. The app tracks your activity through health informatics platforms like Apple Health and Fitbit. The data collected is given to research companies, and in exchange, you earn rewards.

    While it’s challenging to predict the exact amount you’ll earn, some users report earning around $10 per year.

    10. Upside

    I’ll be honest—Upside is one of my favorite platforms, so I might be a bit biased here. By leveraging referrals, I’ve been able to earn over $2,500 over the last couple of years.

    Upside allows you to earn cash back at local restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. They’ve also recently begun to add other retailers, like hardware stores.

    When you refer a new Upside user, you’ll earn a one-time bonus of $0.15 cash back per gallon on your next fill-up. You’ll also earn $0.01 for every gallon your referral buys, forever. As you can imagine, the more people you refer, the more this adds up.

    Even without referrals, you’ll see competitive offers, like 15% cash back at hardware stores and 5% cash back at restaurants. You can redeem at any point—no crazy minimums you’ll need to reach.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What types of tasks can I do on Swagbucks to earn money?

    On Swagbucks, you can earn points (SB) by completing activities such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and using their search engine. These points can be redeemed via PayPal or for gift cards.

    How much can I typically earn from completing surveys on InboxDollars?

    On InboxDollars, surveys typically pay between $0.50 to $5.00 each, depending on the length and complexity of the survey. There are occasional higher-paying surveys, but most are within this range.

    What makes KashKick different from other paid survey platforms?

    KashKick generally offers higher payouts for surveys compared to some other platforms. Once you accumulate $10, you can cash out via PayPal, making it a convenient option for quicker payouts.

    Can I only earn money from shopping with Fetch, or are there other options?

    Fetch primarily rewards you for shopping, especially for grocery and household items. You scan your shopping receipts and earn points for specific products, which can be redeemed for gift cards or transferred as cash to a PayPal account.

    What are the benefits of using PayPal Honey for online shopping?

    PayPal Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout, offers cash back at numerous retailers, and tracks prices of items you're interested in. This can help you save money and earn cash back directly to your PayPal account.

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