12 LEGIT Online Side Hustles in 2024 [$25+/hr]

12 LEGIT Online Side Hustles in 2024 [$25+/hr]

12 LEGIT Online Side Hustles in 2024 [$25+/hr]

Making money from the comfort of your home is the dream. Work whenever you want, wherever you want, and even in your pajamas if that’s your jam.

12 LEGIT Online Side Hustles in 2024 [$25+/hr]

    Making money from the comfort of your home is the dream. Work whenever you want, wherever you want, and even in your pajamas if that’s your jam. But with a rise in online side hustle scams, it’s challenging to know which opportunities are worth your time and which ones you’re better off skipping.

    We’re here to cut through the noise and share legitimate online side hustles you can earn extra cash with. Below are 12 fully remote side hustles that don’t require a large upfront investment or inventory and pay more than $25 per hour on average.

    1. Become a TikTok Shop Creator (Varies)

    If you enjoy being on camera, becoming a TikTok star might be a fun side hustle. In late 2023, TikTok Shop launched, allowing viewers to purchase products directly within the platform. Creators promoting the products earn a commission—typically around a few bucks—when a viewer purchases as a direct result of their video.

    While we can’t verify exactly how much creators make from TikTok Shop—since we can’t see their bank account—some share screenshots from their earnings dashboard. Abby Conway, for example, claims to have made $18,000 in commission in her first two weeks. Other creators  earn a couple hundred dollars a month, so results vary.

    2. Sell Digital Products (Varies)

    Selling digital products is one of the most flexible, profitable side hustles. Because they’re digital, you don’t need to deal with manufacturing, hold an inventory, or ship products. You can create the product once then sell it over and over.

    Here are a few examples of digital products and how much they earned the creator:

    There are two popular ways to sell digital products—on social media and on Etsy.

    On social media, you’ll find creators promoting digital products related to their content niche. Budget templates, shopping guides, and recipe ebooks are three great examples. To sell products on social media, you’d need to create and post content that promotes your products

    If you’d prefer to remain off camera, sell digital products on Etsy. A few examples include downloadable wall art, templates, and printable wedding signs.

    3. Sell Print-on-Demand Products (Varies)

    Print-on-demand (POD) is a business model that allows you to sell products you don’t manufacture or ship yourself—huh? As a POD shop owner, you’d create a design, then select a print provider like Printify to manufacture and ship your products.

    Then, you’d list your product on an e-commerce marketplace like Etsy or Shopify. When a customer purchases the item, Printify will create and ship the product on your behalf. You won’t need to maintain inventory, manufacture products, or handle the hassle of shipment.

    Print-on-demand has a limitless earning potential—as long as you maintain your shop and create products people want to buy, you’ll earn a profit. According to one POD creator, some POD apparel products earn sellers $15,000+ per month—yes, that means one product alone generates $15,000 per month…not the entire seller’s shop…one product.

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    4. Tutor Kids Online ($25+ per hour)

    If you’re a teacher looking for a virtual side hustle, tutoring students online is perfect for you—if you want to spend more time with kids, that is.

    Tutoring platforms like Preply, VIPKid, and Cambly allow you to earn money teaching English. They pay around $25 per hour, on average. If you’d prefer to teach on another subject, platforms like Varsity Tutors and Superprof are great options.

    While some platforms, like Open English, require specific certifications, others like Preply and Cambly have no degree or certification requirements. This makes it an accessible side hustle for nearly anyone to explore.

    5. Teach Classes on Outschool ($40 per hour)

    Speaking of teaching on more unique subjects, Outschool is one of the best platforms for doing so. Outschool is an education marketplace, allowing students of all ages to register for virtual classes on a wide range of subjects.

    There’s an incredible selection of topics—everything from cooking, to developing social skills, to learning guitar. You can teach just about anything.

    While earnings vary depending on class size, seat price, and how often folks register for your courses, most Outschool teachers earn an average of $40 per hour. One former teacher even replaced her in-person teaching salary multiple times over with virtual classes on Outschool.

    6. Test Apps and Websites ($250 per month)

    If you’re looking for a side hustle with minimal commitment, participating in paid app and website testing may be the best fit for you. As a paid tester, you’d provide feedback on platforms and websites, giving companies valuable insights they’ll use to improve their product.

    In exchange, they’ll throw you a few bucks—ranging from $5 to $150 per test, depending on how involved the test is. Based on our research, you can expect to earn around $250 per month if you sign up for multiple paid testing platforms.

    A few to check out include:

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    7. Host a Virtual Experience on Airbnb ($175+ per hour)

    While most people are familiar with Airbnb’s rentals, their virtual experiences are a hidden gem. Hosted by locals, Airbnb Experiences bring participants through a specific process or experience—ranging from virtual wine tasting and cooking classes, to visits to animal sanctuaries, to magic shows.

    As a general rule of thumb, most Airbnb hosts charge $20 to $50 per person for a virtual experience. This will vary depending on the experience you offer.

    Now, let’s say you offered the experience 10 times per month, at $35 per seat, with groups of 10 people. You’d earn around $3,500 per month in revenue hosting your experience. If each experience lasted around two hours, this would equate to around $175 per hour—not bad.

    Here are a few examples of virtual experiences you could host:

    8. Teach Virtual Fitness Classes ($50+ per hour)

    Becoming a fitness instructor often requires certification. While it’s a small upfront investment, it’s worth it if you're an active individual that finds teaching others rewarding.

    As a virtual fitness instructor or personal trainer, you’d guide clients through workout programs. The workout program you teach depends on your area of specialty—think pilates, running, or one-on-one personal training.

    Once certified, you can teach on platforms like iFit, Glo, or even through a local gym offering virtual classes. According to salaries reported by online fitness coaches, they earn an average of $108,000 per year working full-time, or around $50 per hour.

    9. Start a Youtube Channel (Varies)

    YouTube has an infinite monetization potential. Between Google ad revenue, sponsorships, and selling digital products and merchandise, you can earn a killing. However, growing a YouTube channel takes time and effort. Unlike some side hustles you can start and earn from within a few days, earning money on YouTube won’t happen overnight.

    If you’re interested in becoming a Youtube creator, however, it’s worth investing the time and energy into growing a channel. To get started, you’d need to:

    • Find a niche → Decide what type of content you want to create.
    • Set up your channel → Create an account, then upload a profile and banner photo.
    • Create the content → Start filming, editing, and posting content.

    While earnings from YouTube vary significantly, some creators report earning a few dollars for every 1,000 views.

    10. Start a Blog (Varies)

    Starting a blog requires a decent bit of upfront work as well. However, it’s one of the few side hustles where you won’t have to trade time for money forever.

    Here’s how blogging works:

    • You create a website and publish blogs on it.
    • If they’re optimized for SEO, people will find them when searching on Google. This brings traffic to your website.
    • Once you’ve got enough traffic, you can place ads on your website. This earns you passive income.
    • The lifespan of a blog is long, meaning people can continue to visit your site to read a blog years after it was posted. This makes the upfront work to create that blog worth it.
    • Over time, you’d publish fewer blogs, but continue to see traffic. You’d earn ad revenue without having to invest a ton of time into maintaining the blog or creating new content.

    Again, starting a blog is a great side hustle…if you’re in it for the long haul. According to one survey, after running a blog for three years, blogs begin to make around $1,900 per month.

    11. Freelancing ($30+ per hour)

    If you have a skill like content creation, software development, or customer service, consider offering it on a freelance basis. As a freelancer, you’d work with clients one-on-one, providing them a specific service. Because freelancers are technically business owners, you’re able to work whenever you want.

    You’ll find freelance opportunities on platforms like Contra, Pangea, and Upwork. Freelancers earn between $30 and $65 an hour on average, depending on the service offered.

    12. Launch a Course (Varies)

    Don't worry—we’re not talking about the pyramid scheme courses you might’ve seen on Instagram. If you have a skill or area of expertise you can teach on, package it up into an educational course and market it to eager learners.

    Here are a few examples of incredible paid courses:

    While earnings from course sales vary, creators like Mya Nichol have earned over $2 million in two years through her programs.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What are some legitimate online side hustles that pay well?

    There are many legitimate online side hustles that pay well, including becoming a TikTok Shop creator, selling digital products, print-on-demand, online tutoring, teaching classes on Outschool, testing apps and websites, hosting virtual experiences on Airbnb, teaching virtual fitness classes, starting a YouTube channel, starting a blog, freelancing, and launching an online course.

    How can I start making money on TikTok Shop?

    To start making money on TikTok Shop, you can create and promote products within the platform. When viewers purchase products directly from your video promotions, you earn a commission. Earnings vary, but some creators have reported significant income from this side hustle.

    What are the benefits of selling digital products online?

    Selling digital products online offers several benefits, including the lack of manufacturing and shipping requirements, the ability to create a product once and sell it multiple times, and the potential for high profitability. Examples of digital products include printable wedding signs, daily planners, and budget templates.

    How does print-on-demand work and what are its advantages?

    Print-on-demand (POD) allows you to sell products without manufacturing or shipping them yourself. You create designs and use a print provider like Printify to handle production and shipping. This business model offers limitless earning potential, as long as you maintain your shop and create desirable products.

    What skills are needed to succeed in freelancing?

    Freelancing requires specific skills depending on the service you offer, such as content creation, software development, or customer service. Successful freelancers need strong communication skills, time management abilities, and the capability to deliver high-quality work. Freelancing platforms like Upwork, Contra, and Pangea offer various opportunities.

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