3 Scam-Free Sites with Data Entry Jobs (No Experience)

3 Scam-Free Sites with Data Entry Jobs (No Experience)

The job search is tedious enough. Throw in search terms like “remote” or “no experience,” and it’ll get a whole lot more complicated.

3 Scam-Free Sites with Data Entry Jobs (No Experience)

    Given that data entry positions are often remote and ideal for folks with no experience, data entry job scams are common. If you’ve begun the search for one of these roles, you've likely come across a suspicious post or two. It’s frustrating, time-consuming to sift through, and demoralizing when you think you’ve found the position, only to realize it isn’t what you thought. We’ve compiled a list of the three best sites for finding and applying to data entry positions with no experience. These platforms vet the companies and their listings, guaranteeing a scam-free job search.

    Unfortunately, scammers often prey on job seekers with little experience or those hopeful of finding remote work. They create job listings with nearly perfect details, then secure your information or attempt to take money from you.

    What Data Entry Jobs Actually Are?

    Data entry specialists digitize data, often copying it from a written format into a digital application or software. They’ll also review data for errors, update records, and contact people by phone or email to obtain data. This shouldn’t be confused with a data analyst, who’s responsible for extracting meaningful takeaways based on patterns in the data.

    Skills Needed to Land a Data Entry Job

    Remote data entry positions are common given the fact that you don’t need to be in person to complete most of the required tasks. This makes it an attractive role, which has increased interest in the field.

    If you want to stand out as an applicant, here are the skills you should have, according to the US Department of Labor, Employment, and Training’s O*Net Online—the country’s primary source of occupation information.

    Familiarity with Hot Technology

    According to O*Net, there are 10 hot technologies that are in demand. Being familiar with these technologies can help you stand out in your application:

    1. Microsoft Excel
    2. Microsoft Office
    3. Microsoft Outlook
    4. Microsoft Word
    5. Microsoft PowerPoint
    6. Intuit QuickBooks
    7. SAP Software
    8. Microsoft Access
    9. Google Docs
    10. Microsoft Dynamics

    To sharpen your skills, we recommend taking a few free Microsoft courses on Coursera, the Intuit QuickBooks course on Coursera, and poking around Google Docs to get familiar with the basic features.

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    Proficiency in Computer Skills

    As a data entry specialist, you’ll spend almost all of your day on the computer. To do your job well, you’ll need to get familiar with how to use computer systems, enter data, and process information.

    Before submitting your resumé, make sure you know how to record, transcribe, store, and maintain data. While each company will have their own unique methods they’ll teach you once you’re hired, having a general understanding is important.

    Attention to Detail

    Data entry tasks are repetitive, which can create a slippery slope that leads you to complete work on autopilot. However, it’s important to maintain your focus and attention to detail.

    Small errors in the data can lead to drastically different takeaways. Depending on what the data is being used for, this can have a massive impact.

    Pro Tip

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    3 Best Places to Find Data Entry Jobs with No Experience

    Startup Jobs

    Startup Jobs is one of the most underrated platforms for finding meaningful work. The site offers a place for fast-growing technology startups to post job openings and for job seekers to find their next role.

    The platform offers one of the simplest, cleanest interfaces, making it incredibly easy to search for the roles you’re after. At the time of writing, there are 24 open data entry positions. While these aren’t all remote, they offer a unique opportunity to get in with high-growth startups and grow your career.


    FlexJobs shares only remote, hybrid, and flexible positions. This makes it the go-to site for job seekers who’d prefer to work from the comfort of their home or those that need flexible scheduling arrangements.

    At the time of writing, there are around 1,000 remote entry-level data entry positions available on FlexJobs. Compensation ranges from $14 to $40 per hour.

    To view the full descriptions of these roles and apply, you’ll need to sign up as a paid member. While this isn’t ideal, it makes sense given that FlexJobs hand screens each and every job listing and job seeker.

    This ensures that everyone on the platform is real, which limits the amount of spam and creates a more efficient job search process. That said, a 14-day trial is just $2.95, so it’s worth giving it a shot.


    RemoteJobs.io is similar to FlexJobs—you’ll only find remote and hybrid roles, and each listing is reviewed by an expert, so you won’t need to sift through a bunch of spam. You will need to create an account, but it’s free unlike FlexJobs.

    RemoteJobs.io also offers a unique matching system that’s worth taking advantage of. You’ll complete a short survey, sharing the type of role you’re looking for, your expected salary, and your email.

    Then, you’ll be prompted to create an account. Once you’re in, you’ll see a dashboard full of open roles that match your criteria. You’ll also receive email alerts when new roles are posted, allowing you to get ahead of the competition and submit your application early.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can I Learn Data Entry with No Experience?

    Data entry requires a variety of skills such as familiarity with computer systems, proficiency in various softwares, and an attention to detail. You can learn hard skills, like Microsoft programs and typing, through free courses on sites like Coursera and Alison.

    Can a Beginner do Data Entry?

    Data entry positions are ideal for beginners. In most cases, employers only expect a high school diploma or GED, and the skills needed are easy to acquire through free online courses.

    Is Data Entry Easy?

    Data entry is a repetitive process, meaning that once you’ve gotten the basics down, you’ll find a solid workflow without too many hiccups. That said, some data entry specialists say the most challenging part is the psychological stress from completing the same task over and over. It is a tedious type of work, but it isn’t necessarily difficult.

    Can I Work From Home as a Data Entry Specialist?

    Yes! Due to the nature of data entry positions, you’ll find that many are fully remote.

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