6 High Paying Remote Jobs with No Degree

6 High Paying Remote Jobs with No Degree

In this article, we’ll provide you with some of the best high-paying remote jobs that don’t require a college degree, along with resources to help you gain the necessary skills and experience.

6 High Paying Remote Jobs with No Degree

    Back in the day, a college degree was essential to landing a high-paying role. But in today's increasingly digital world, this idea is outdated. Many of the skills learned in college can now be obtained through online bootcamps, courses, and social media tutorials. With this, the way companies hire has shifted. Between 2017 and 2021, the percentage of jobs requiring a college degree fell from 51% to 44%. Instead, employers are zeroing in on experience as the key factor in their hiring process

    6 High-Paying Remote Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

    1. Software Developer ($119k per year)

    Software developers, also called programmers, design, build, and maintain software. Developers tend to specialize in one of the following areas:

    Type of Developer Areas of Focus Average Salary
    Front-End Development Visual aspects of the user interface; web applications and websites $113,215
    Backend Development Functional logic and performance of the internal systems; web servers and databases $157,306
    Full-Stack Development Both front-end and backend work $123,487

    With an average salary of $119,623 per year, software developers are raking in the cash. Even with less than one year of experience, you can expect a starting salary over $100,000 per year. Plus, given the digital nature of the role, most positions are fully remote.

    To become a software developer, consider enrolling in an online bootcamp. While there is a cost associated with this, it’s far less than a standard college degree. Springboard, Fullstack Academy, and General Assembly are three great bootcamps to look into.

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    2. Digital Marketing Specialist ($63k+ per year)

    The role of a digital marketing specialist is broad, with the potential to have your hands in a variety of tasks like social media, advertising, analytics, and more. Top brands like CBDfx utilize digital marketing techniques for their growth. That said, you can also specialize in a more focused area, such as:

    • Social Media Management ($57,434 per year)
    • Influencer Marketing Management ($64,077 per year)
    • SEO Specialist ($64,157 per year)

    Digital marketing specialists earn an average salary of $63,941 per year in the United States. That said, in larger cities like New York, you’ll see salaries reaching into the $75,000 to $80,000 per year range.

    Given the fast-growing nature of the digital world, it’s never been easier to learn digital marketing. HubSpot’s free digital marketing certification course is a great place to begin learning these skills.

    Pro Tip

    Not every job in the gig economy is equal. Here are the best side hustles to consider during your layoff to make the most cash.

    3. Graphic Designer ($59k+ per year)

    Graphic designers create a range of visuals — from logos, to printed materials, to websites — by combining design elements like fonts, colors, and animations. Because the majority of this work is done on a computer, graphic design jobs are often remote.

    With an average salary of $59,511 per year, this isn’t the highest-paying role on our list. However, more specialized roles can command higher salaries:

    • Digital Designer ($95,363 per year)
    • Visual Designer ($80,382 per year)
    • User Interface Designer ($89,783 per year)

    While some roles may require a degree, others simply require a solid portfolio. If you have an artistic background, develop your skills with courses on Udemy. For more intense, focused courses, consider the paid programs from the American Graphics Institute.

    4. Data Analyst ($76k+ per year)

    Data analysts organize data, simplify it into meaningful takeaways, and convey those findings to the team. The average salary for a data analyst in the US is $76,882.

    Becoming a data analyst without a degree takes anywhere from eight weeks to a year, depending on the skills you already have and the amount of time you have available to study. If you’re an aspiring data analyst, CareerFoundry offers a great data analytics program with a job guarantee.

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    5. Virtual Assistant ($73k+ per year)

    Entrepreneurship rates are surging, and the demand for virtual assistants is increasing rapidly along with it.

    Virtual assistants support entrepreneurs with tasks like scheduling meetings, organizing social media content, and making phone calls.

    As a virtual assistant, you’d earn around $73,821 per year. The skills you’ll need to land a role depends on the skills you want to perform for clients. You can pick up most of these skills through free courses on Coursera or YouTube.

    6. Copywriter ($63k+ per year)

    Copywriters write persuasive content to drive readers to take a specific action, like sign up for a platform or purchase a product.

    Copywriters make roughly $63,135 per year, on average, in full-time roles. However, freelance copywriting has a higher income potential. Based on Upwork data, freelance copywriters earn up to $45 per hour — although I will say, as a writer, you can make significantly more.

    You can teach yourself everything you need to know to be a copywriter simply by practicing. CopyThat offers a 10-day challenge to teach you how to be a better copywriter. It’s $169, but the reviews are incredible, and it’ll make you a competitive candidate when you start looking for copywriting roles.

    Where to Find High-Paying Remote Jobs

    When you’re ready to start applying to roles, consider the following job boards for remote roles:

    For full-time remote roles:

    For freelance and contract remote roles:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is a College Degree Necessary to Make a Lot of Money?

    No. In fact, the value of a college degree is declining. Experience matters far more for many industries.

    How Can I Make $100,000 a Year Without a College Degree?

    Roles in tech often have salaries over $100,000 per year and don’t require a degree. That said, in most cases, you’ll need some form of training, like a bootcamp or online course, to land a role.

    What Are the Best Remote Jobs for Entry Level and No Experience?

    If you want to land a remote role fast, pursuing virtual assistant positions is likely your best bet. Because these roles vary in scope, you likely already have some of the skills necessary to land a role.

    What is the Easiest High-Paying Remote Job?

    It depends. The easiest role will likely be the one you enjoy the most. For example, people that enjoy design may find graphic design easy, but folks with a more technical background may find it complex. Pursue what feels exciting to you.

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