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Tristan Luciotti

5 posts

Tristan is a foster dad, writer, indie filmmaker, video game creator, and digital marketing wizard. He loves hiking the Oregon coast and is ready to share his financial - and life - survival tips.


Shelly Strom

5 posts

Shelly is a writer based in Washington. Since coming out of early retirement from being a volunteer wildlife refuge caretaker in her early 20's, Shelly has written for newspapers, worked in corporate


Kiah Treece

3 posts

Kiah is a lawyer and sustainability expert with a passion for personal finance, real estate investing, and everything FIRE. She lives in NC where she loves to garden, paint, and cook without a recipe.


Laura Kim

3 posts

Laura is a freelance copy and grant writer. In her mid-40s she swapped her single-with-a-career, living-in-the-city life for a married-with-three-kiddos and self-employed life in Portland, OR.


Jacqueline B. Storey

3 posts

A writer untethered. Think Save Retire's resident pen name.



3 posts

Michael blogs at Your Money Geek where he shares his experience, unique insights, and profiles inspirational FIRE folk.


Alice Stevens

2 posts

Alice Stevens is an accomplished writer in the finance and insurance space. She's known for her thoughtful research and close attention to detail.


Jessica Larson

2 posts

Jessica is a serial entrepreneur who wants to support her family while still spending time with them, to serve as a role model for her daughters, and to share what she’s learned with others.


Cameron Huddleston

2 posts

Cameron Huddleston is an award-winning financial journalist with more than 17 years of experience writing about personal finance.


Enoch Omololu

2 posts

Enoch Omololu is a veterinarian by day and a personal finance blogger by night at


Jesse Cramer

1 post

Jesse is the founder of The Best Interest, a financial literacy company based in Rochester, NY, where he lives with his fiancée and their foster dogs.