Gobble Gobble! We’re out of town this week, again!

Published November 23, 2016   Posted in How to Think

Happy freaking Thanksgiving, folks! Hope your day is filled with lots of delicious eats, some football and even a family member or two that you can actually stand to be around.  🙂

The wife and I are getting something done to Charlie that will enable us to camp pretty much anywhere we want once we hit the road next year. That’s right, we’re getting solar panels installed!

As beautiful and frugal-minded people, you might ask if I could have performed this installation myself. With some help, I probably could have. But, solar is such an integral part of our future (along with an upgraded battery system). This is what will enable us to camp for free (boondock) after we hit the road next year. It’s so vitally important that, quite honestly, I don’t want to leave it up to me.

I suck at stuff

I’ve never been a Mr. Fix-It. I can do the simple things, but a renovator…I am not! Thus, it is worth it to my wife and I to fork out the cash and have this system professionally installed by skilled and experienced folks.

And one of those services happens to be up in the Springfield, Oregon area. We live in Tucson. Last Thursday, we hitched up Charlie to our Dodge Ram and made the trek up here to Oregon – close to 1500 miles. Long drive. Long, long drive.

But, it needed to be done, and the week of Thanksgiving gave my wife enough flexibility with PTO (Personal Time Off) at her company to allow this trip to happen. The timing worked for this week.

And, we want to pay for this expense this year rather than next for tax purposes (solar tax credit, baby!).

So, that’s where we are. We’re spending some time with friends while in the area. We plan to be back in warm, sunny Tucson on Monday to continue our regularly scheduled programming for another month, then I retire. And this is when life gets real.

Gearing up for post-retirement

The ideas for post-retirement life are swirling around in the ol’ noodle. I’m helping J$ moderate his wickedly awesome discussion forums and may get even more involved in the future. We have a new-ish Frank Financials YouTube series that we released. We also have another relatively popular YouTube channel where we talk about our Airstream and document our adventures.

Lots going on. I seem to be more busy now than I was when my full-time job consumed my life. Ideas are percolating. Things are happening. I’m volunteering for things. Getting involved. Making my mark.

It’s exciting! Let’s see where it takes us.

Oh, and once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love you people.

Picking up the Airstream

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38 responses to “Gobble Gobble! We’re out of town this week, again!”

  1. Enjoy your thanksgiving and trip to Springfield/Eugene. It’s a nice little college town…but the weather is going to be kind of sucky this time of year.

  2. Hope the install goes well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Sounds like your setting up to be more busy in retirement then you are now, but if it’s what makes you happy then it’s still what it is all about. Happy Thanksgiving and hope the install goes smoothly.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks FTF. I can definitely see being more busy in retirement than I am now. But if I do it right, it’ll be activity that I actually enjoy! 😉

  4. Hope the solar panels work out – have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Safe travels Steve and Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to all that is to come!

  6. I wish I was better at DIYing. I always think I can do a project myself. Sometimes it works out, other times not so much. I tried to put a new roof on a few years ago. The existing roof had 3 layers including the original wood shake shingles from 65 years ago. Bad idea. It didn’t take long before I had to call in the professionals. It would have taken months for me to get through all that.

    Good luck with your solar panels and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Steve says:

      I wish I was better as well, but there’s nothing wrong with trying. After all, that’s how we all get better. If we never try, we’ll never learn. 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  7. There are certainly times when it pays to have things done by the pros. I’m with you – hot sun, electricity, and batteries in your home is one of those times.

    Enjoy your major trek back South. Only one month to go until you can scale your travel schedule back to a “slow mode.” Excited for you, and looking forward to reading about your adventures!

    • Steve says:

      Amen to that, Fritz! We probably could have done it with some help, but you’re right, there are times where it pays to have it done right. It definitely is a huge expense…but not having to run our generator all the time will be well worth the cost. And yup, only one more month as of today!

  8. We love you too! Thanks for all you do for the FI community!

  9. Apathy Ends says:

    That is a crazy long drive but for a worthwhile cause. You two are one step closer to being ready for the apocalypse and are soon to be my target destination if a disaster happens.

    Have a great trip and thanksgiving

  10. TJ says:

    I love that solar works so efficiently in RV living. Do you see panels on a lot of houses around Arizona too? I noticed a lot of them when I was in Hawaii a couple years ago, which makes sense with their insane electricity costs.

    • Steve says:

      Hey TJ – actually, not as many panels as you would think. You do see them, but most houses don’t do solar. That said, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson recently installed a huge solar farm, so they are definitely taking advantage of all that desert sun. Good for them!

  11. It’s great you can take advantage of the tax credit for the solar panels. Hope the installation goes well and it works like a dream! Happy Thanksgiving to you! 🙂

    • Steve says:

      Yup, the tax credit is a huge reason why we are doing this installation this year instead of next (when we’ll actually need it). Happy Thanksgiving to you guys as well!

  12. Maarten says:

    Happy thanksgiving! Good luck with the solar and keep it far away from snow;-) we will try to do the same here.

    • Steve says:

      Ha! Thanks Maarten. We definitely plan on keeping it away from snow as much as possible. That said, we might be driving back through some wintery weather, which has us a bit concerned. We’ll see how it goes.

  13. YOU ARE RETIRING IN A MONTH. Oh my gosh, it’s real! I can’t imagine how excited you must be! (Okay, that’s not true. I can totally imagine.) I’m so, so excited for you, and for Courtney to follow shortly thereafter! What a wonderful thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. Hope you guys have a great holiday, and safe travels home!

  14. Matt Spillar says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Steve! Safe travels!

  15. Mr. PIE says:

    Man, that is quite the drive. Super impressed.

    Safe travels back. And may the sun continue to shine on your airstream life.

    I hope the last month for you goes smoothly before the escape hatch opens. Just a fantastic thought to be done in a month. Enjoy.

  16. “I seem to be more busy now than I was when my full-time job consumed my life” – You will continue saying this for the foreseeable future. I actually look back to the business of my former work days and think about how relaxed they were in certain ways. Enjoy!

    • Steve says:

      Thanks MrFireStation! Yup, I can definitely see that happening too. There’s a lot that I’d like to explore that I haven’t pursued as heavily as I would have liked because of that…full-time job. 🙂

  17. Basil says:

    Awesome about the solar panels! Talk about freedom to roam.

  18. Mrs. BITA says:

    One month to retirement! How are you not spending all your time jumping up and down with excitement? Look forward to seeing pictures with the panels installed and details of the specs and how totally awesome they are.

    • Steve says:

      Thanks for the comment, Mrs. BITA! I’ll be sure to put together a “Charlie – New and improved” post for this month. We’re excited about his new electric capabilities!

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