Happy Halloween and some dreadfully scary statistics

9 thoughts on “Happy Halloween and some dreadfully scary statistics”

    1. I agree, and it’s our health that we really do have the most control over as well. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to eat poorly. But as you’ll find out in our household, eating health isn’t much tougher!

  1. What I find scary is how few people, including kids, wear bicycle helmets! The obesity one, and realizing how few people take care of their health and bodies always depresses me… Our bodies are our greatest assets, but they can be so neglected.

    1. Yeah, the one about social media freedom surprised me the most. It’s amazing how ingrained our social media environment has become, and how dependent we apparently are on it. No wonder why Mark Zuckerberg is worth something like $35 billion.

    1. Wow! I might understand shaking a vending machine to get at the item that I just bought if it didn’t fall, but shaking it to get at free stuff? Maybe that’s Darwinism. 🙂

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