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How to Save

The Festive Person's Guide to Saving Money During Every Single Holiday in 2019-2020

With the holidays just around the corner, I’m looking forward to time with my favorite people and all the festivities of the season. I’m also looking at how I’m going to pay for it without completely derailing my savings goals.
Nov 19, 2019·7 min read
How to Save

100+ minimalist gift ideas for being more frugal

Saving for your financial goals doesn't leave much room to budget for Christmas gifts. Here are 100+ ways to save money during the holidays.
Oct 31, 2019·7 min read
Black Friday

How can retailers afford those Black Friday deals? They can't

Here's the thing about Black Friday - it's a day where we see the absolute marketing genius of many retailers truly shine, as they offer so-called deals on products that you probably could have picked up cheaper during other times of the year. > How does the math add up with all these discounts? It doesn't. As I was going through some media photos of the hysteria of Black Friday this year, I couldn't help but wonder how all of these retailers can afford to "slash prices" down to "rock bottom".
Nov 29, 2017·3 min read
How to Think

Happy Halloween and some dreadfully scary statistics

Good day, my spooky little ghosts and goblins. Today, I have nothing of real value to report other than to wish you the scariest Halloween that you've ever had - literally, I hope the snot gets scared right out of you. Helps with congestion, after all.
Oct 31, 2015·2 min read
How to Think

Give something more meaningful this Christmas

Let's get away from this nonsensically expensive consumerism in this country by looking at other gift options that the lucky recipient of your gift might actually like better. Think of these as the gifts that keep on giving. A $150 tie doesn't give much throughout the year.
Dec 11, 2014·4 min read
How to Think

Black Friday: Turn this day into an adventure in frugality

Using the right technique and a little dose of discipline, frugal Americans and early retirees can still enjoy Black Friday savings without overspending and coming home with bags of stuff that they don't truly need.
Nov 26, 2014·3 min read