My LendJet Review: Is it a safe and legitimate lending site?

There’s nothing convenient about a bill or expense you didn’t see coming. Especially if you’re already working toward becoming debt-free.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common. But, fortunately, there are options out there for relief and lenders out there who are willing to work with borrowers on a quick turnaround. For instance, with LendJet you can find and receive a loan between $1,000 and $10,000 as soon as tomorrow.

Is LendJet legit?

One of the most crucial steps of the loan process is doing your due diligence. Looking at different options and making sure, if you’re sharing personal information online, that the site is as legitimate as possible. LendJet does a lot of this work for you by vetting lenders and allowing you to find out what types of loan offers you can get at zero risk to you.

If you landed on a lending site—like LendJet—and are considering using it to find a loan provider, looking up reviews is a great idea. Just doing your research indicates that you’re a responsible and risk-averse borrower—and we salute you and hope this review helps you in your decision process!

LendJet Review

In an effort to help potential borrowers out, I investigated LendJet and even had the chance to ask a few questions about the experience (click to read the answers and what I learned):

Who is LendJet?

LendJet is a go-to resource for people who need to borrow money for a personal expense. But although the word “lend” is in the name, LendJet is not an actual bank or lender and does not provide financing or loans directly to borrowers. LendJet is a lending site or lender marketplace that works with a network of multiple lenders so you can search more than one at a time. This makes it easier for people to quickly find a personal loan and for lenders that might not be as well known as big commercial banks and creditors, to find borrowers to finance.

Another way to think about LendJet is like an online store. Similar to how you might search on a website for a product based on criteria, you can search on LendJet for a lender and the results you see will be based on information you provide.

Curious to see what kind of personal loan you can qualify for with LendJet? Start here.

How is LendJet different from other online lenders?

One of LendJet’s biggest differentiators is the fact that it's not just one lender, it’s a one stop shop for finding the right lender amongst the hundreds out there.

Instead of taking hours or days calling around or navigating all over the internet mining through the many lenders out there to find one that’s right for you, you can submit just one form. This can save you massive amounts of time (which as we all know, equals money).

How does LendJet match people with lenders?

Technically speaking, LendJet is a lender marketplace for individuals and lenders. Borrowers complete the questionnaire form and then lenders review their information and respond in real time.

That might sound like it would take a long time to hear back but, once you’ve submitted your information, it only takes around one to five minutes to get through the entire approval/rejection process from the lenders no matter the time or day.

How much money can I borrow through LendJet?

As a borrower, you can apply for a loan amount between $1,000 and $10,000 at a time using LendJet. There is also no limit to the number of loans you can apply for over time so you can come back and apply for a loan using LendJet again if you’re in need of another loan.

How long does it take to get a loan through LendJet?

If you need money soon, LendJet is a great option. The quickest turnaround for LendJet’s lenders is typically the next business day, or as fast as 24 hours, but the time to receive funds depends on which lender you end up with.

Every lender is different and can take a varying amount of time to distribute the funds. With some lenders it might be a day, others might be two days.

Is LendJet a scam?


LendJet has no interest in scamming you and will only share the contact information you provide with the lender you end up choosing to work with. It’s worth noting that, once you do find a lender, they will need to contact you to verify information in order for you to receive any funds. If you don’t end up with a lender, your data doesn’t go anywhere.

Is my information safe with LendJet?


LendJet follows the latest industry standards in online financial security and does everything they can to make sure that the data it receives doesn’t get into the wrong hands. The site itself is HTTPS secure and the information you submit is encrypted. As stated above, the only party with access to that information is the lender you choose to work with from the results.

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What questions does LendJet ask borrowers?

Knowing what questions LendJet asks will help you have the information you need ahead of time, thus one way of making the process of getting a personal loan that much quicker!

Here is the information you’ll need to submit via LendJet:

Questions about the general nature of your loan:

  • Loan Amount
  • Purpose
  • Credit Score

Questions about your personal details:

  • Legal Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number**
  • Address + Zip Code
  • Monthly Income
  • Banking/Direct Deposit Information
  • Social Security Number*

Questions about your employment status:

  • Work Contact Information
  • Income Source Type
  • Job Title
  • Employer
  • Employment Tenure
  • Pay Frequency
  • Upcoming Pay Days
  • Military Affiliation

*Why Does LendJet Need My SSN?

LendJet asks for personal identifiable information, such as your social, as a measure lenders and lending sites use to protect consumers. Otherwise, anyone could request a loan in any name. Scary stuff. If a lender offers to work with you without verifying your identity, run—fast and far away!

**Why Does LendJet Need My Phone Number?

After lenders receive your application through LendJet they will often contact you to confirm your information. Without this step, it is virtually impossible for them to confirm your identity and fund the loan on your behalf.

Will LendJet check my credit?


LendJet doesn’t perform a credit check or put any hard inquiries on your credit with credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, or Transunion.

Depending on the lender, some may perform when evaluating whether to finance your loan. In some cases, multiple lenders might be reviewing your credit so you might end up hearing back from multiple parties about being denied. If you are worried about your credit or you know you have poor credit, LendJet is totally worth checking out. Some lenders may be willing to work with you to finance your loan.

Now that you've read my LendJet Review, see what personal loans you qualify for today

Is LendJet free?


LendJet is a free to use lending site for borrowers to search for potential lenders. They don’t charge you a fee, however, the lender you work with might have fees as a part of their payment terms—be sure to check!

Are there any LendJet testimonials?

The nature of personal lending is, well, personal. Out of respect for the privacy of the borrowers, LendJet keeps their user information 100% confidential. However, they do list a few use cases (aka life stories) on their site including events such as unexpected vet bills, student expenses, and starting a personal business. LendJet has also been featured by third party consumer data sites, who ask for users to share their experiences, such as:

“When my Grandmother’s water heater broke, I was at a loss. I had no idea what to do! Thank GOD I was able to get a great loan from the people at LendJet! Now Grandma has hot water, and I have a warm heart!” - Debbie

“That's my second time using LendJet Loan, and just like the first time, everything went smooth and super fast. I haven't had any issues with them, and I highly recommend you try their service.” - Georgette

“My wife and I are on a plane to Florida! How do you ask? LendJet got us a great rate and the money we needed. Time to go recharge with some fun in the sun!” - Max

“LendJet really helped me out in my time of need. I had to pay off some of my personal debts right away, and I got the help I needed with LendJet. It’s such a simple process I downloaded their app went through the approval process. In a day or so after my approval, I had the money I needed. LendJet is the best way to go!” - Jeannine

Getting started with LendJet

With LendJet, you can compare personal loan lenders without paying and without any obligation to sign up for a loan. All you need is to submit your information and see what’s available—the rest is up to you! Click here to visit LendJet’s website and compare your different personal loan options.