The market is doing so well the sky must be falling

The market is doing so well the sky must be falling

The market is doing so well the sky must be falling
    The financial climate in the United States is an interesting one: On one hand, the market is doing insanely well. We're all making money hand over fist. But on the other, folks are dreading the looming swing the other way. And, it will. We all know it will.


    "A recession is coming!"

    "Stocks will soon be on sale!"

    Ugh...please! Apparently, the stock market is doing so darn well that soon the sky will fall. But, that's the wrong attitude.

    Enjoy the damn ride

    For the love of all things chocolate, enjoy the market's givings while it's giving. We all know that the market ebbs and flows. It cycles. The market will swing back the other way - that's no secret. It's just like early retirement: We all know how to do it. There are no real "secret strategies" in this business, despite what so-called experts might have you believe.

    The only question is when. But, stop focusing on that. Instead, take stock (hehe, "stock") of how well things are going in your life right now. Your wealth accumulation over the past year. The financial choices you made to position yourself to achieve your goals.

    We do ourselves no favors by dreading the future rather than appreciating the present - especially if the present is good. And right now, for most of us, the present is good. Damn good.

    My wife and I are up over $30,000 since we retired six months ago. We might lose it all by the end of the year. We might not. We don't care because we're in the market for the long haul. And, we're enjoying the ride while the riding is good.

    And by the way, the sky almost never falls.

    Are you enjoying the ride or focused on the end of this delicious gravy train?


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