Stock Market

How to Think

The market is doing so well the sky must be falling

The financial climate in the United States is an interesting one: On one hand, the market is doing insanely well. We're all making money hand over fist. But on the other, folks are dreading the looming swing the other way. And, it will. We all know it will. "Overvalued!" "A recession is coming!" "Stocks will soon be on sale!" Ugh...please! Apparently, the stock market is doing so darn well that soon the sky will fall. But, that's the wrong attitude. Enjoy the damn ride For the love of all thing
Aug 5, 2017·2 min read
How to Think

Magic of the stock market revealed in a year

This morning I continued my weekly ritual of glancing at how our stocks are doing in the market. Hey, look at that - another up-tick. Believe me, the realization that just a few months ago, I was about $80,000 poorer is definitely not lost on me. But as of today, all our losses over the past year have been regained - and then some. Looking back over our investment portfolio's recent history, I realized something amazingly powerful. To anyone who doesn't quite understand the stock market and how
May 18, 2016·4 min read
How to Retire

Making retirement work even though market weirdness

My wife and I are being stubborn - there is no way that we're going to let market conditions this year (and the last half of 2015) effect our planned retirement target - end of 2016 for me and February of 2017 for my wife. But, we are also facing the cold hard facts: we probably won't have as much money going into retirement that we had initially thought. We made our cash projections in early 2015 when the market was doing fairly well. Our estimates were conservative, but certainly not THIS cons
Jan 27, 2016·4 min read