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Sarah is an avid reader, a beer nerd, and a social media guru. Sarah loves all things millennial money. She's working on nailing this "adulting" thing, and she's happy to have you along for the ride!

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Maya Rudolph is a Master Class in Finance, Family, and being Funny

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What are the presidential candidate's healthcare plans? Here's what we know.

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Clever Girl Finance Review: Comparing Financial Literacy Tools for Women

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How rich is Drew Barrymore? | Drew Barrymore’s Net Worth

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What is Kate Hudson’s net worth?

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Backyard Farming Your Way to FIRE

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Side Hustle Secrets: Online Personal Training with Kodafitness

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Are we getting another stimulus check in 2020?

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Is Kim Kardashian a billionaire? | Kim Kardashian's Net Worth

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Personal finance blogging during COVID-19: What does it even mean?

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Blogger Confessions #51: R.J. from The Ways to Wealth

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: On a Budget

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Avoid arguments: Therapists share how to politely disagree when lives are on the line

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Telehealth Services Review: MedCierge helps you save money on medical bills from home

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Side hustling to the World Series: Mikey Navarro, mascot and part-time movie star.

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FIRE is for everyone, and this author will tell you exactly how to achieve it: Money School with Lacey Filipich

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