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Opinions wanted: How do you “live a little”?

Published December 24, 2014   Posted in Having some fun

Especially during the holidays, the temptation (and, in many ways, “expectation”) to splurge on some of life’s convenience or luxury items – otherwise known as “living a little”, surface in full swing.  As in rehabilitation, it is often helpful to talk about these vices and get them out in the open, admit to them, and […]

How to save money when eating out

Published November 18, 2014   Posted in How to Save

If you are anything like me, you love eating out.  Since I was a kid, I always enjoyed going to a restaurant and trying new things (or, in the case of a mexican place in northern Virginia, the same damn chicken quesadilla for YEARS).  For me, it was more than just good food, or not having […]

Is that Starbucks worth another decade of working?

Published November 16, 2014   Posted in How to Retire

During my [now old] commute into work every morning, I rode by a Starbucks coffee shop whose drive-through line would not only wrap around the building itself, but out into the main road.  Every morning, drivers line up outside of Starbucks anxiously awaiting that $5 to $6 cup of coffee only to commute to an […]