My side hustle idea; whatcha think?

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  1. I already do something similar with the rockstar feed list. I think it’s a crowded space so it might be difficult but probably not impossible. An add based version might be more successful.

  2. Hey Steve,

    I think readers would benefit from this service.

    Any benefits for bloggers? Would this decrease the readership especially with those keyword features? Would quality decrease as bloggers try to use the most popular keywords in the titles? Maybe the keyword feature should be a premium feature?

    Anyway as you can see, as a blogger and a user who likes to support other bloggers, I’m conflicted on this 🙂.

    1. Totally. I don’t think quality will decrease just because a service like this exists. At least, it shouldn’t decrease, anyway. The keywords would be different for everyone anyway, so there’s be no real way to try and “cheat the system” with this particular service I don’t think.

  3. Not raising my hand. I’m banked some holiday days and I’m off all week! I use a plugin call feedbro for Chrome to manage all the blogs i read, that’s how I knew you had a new post this AM. It doesn’t have all the features you’ve mentioned. I would like more flexibility in the way I manage, being able to sort or group would be a great feature.

  4. I get tons of emails and I’d definitely be interested in getting one a day with posts that have tagged terms I’m interested in reading more about! I sort by title now – but that doesn’t work that we’ll. Great idea and I’d probably pay a subscription fee for that.

    1. Thanks Vicki, appreciate the feedback. Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed by the number of blogs you’re reading, or are you managing that aspect of it pretty well?

  5. I use Bloglovin to curate my blogs. I save blogs into folders per type of blog, add and delete blogs as needed. Save blog posts I like into folders with custom labels. No email comes to me. Notification is through the Bloglovin app. It’s free. I’m not going to leave a free version for a paid version.

    1. Thanks Anja. Just to be clear, though – only the premium features would be paid for. The base version wouldn’t be, and I’d need to make sure it contains enough features to pull people away from something like Bloglovin’. I’ve heard of that service, but haven’t personally used it much.

  6. I can dig it! Let me know if you need a test group to try it out…

    Pinterest and I are on hiatus cuz that sh*t takes time to do it right. And I’m still working for the man, so…

    Speaking of that, I’m experiencing the half dead office this week just like you describe. I too love it and rarely use PTO during this stretch.

    Like you, I’ll be taking it easy on the blog the rest of the week. Gotta stay fresh. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve!

  7. I think it’s an interesting idea but as others have mentioned, there are other tools out there in that space. You’d have to really make it stand out.

    More importantly, are you an Orioles fan? I’m from Baltimore and a life-long fan, crappy year again this year but we’ll get ’em next year!

  8. “Raise your hand if you’re sitting in a half-full office today?” I had to laugh. I work from home. I look around my office, and yes, the office is half-full….my dog is downstairs begging for her morning treat 🙂 I actually have an entire blog set up on blogger that lists/tracks/updates the blogs I follow, along with a list of all accounts I need to check each month to fill out my NW spreadsheet.

  9. Like the idea. I actually went through this week and deleted some blog subscriptions because I was feeling to much “push” and wanted to go back to more “pull”. I want to be in charge when to read my posts and not stuck with a full in box every morning.

  10. Enjoy your time with family! Sounds like perusing Medium gave you a few ideas, eh? 🙂 Each morning my inbox looks terrifying with all of the blog subscriptions I follow; something like this would definitely make me cringe less each time I open my Gmail.

  11. Great idea.

    I’m constantly going into Feedly to unsubscribe from different blogs.

    There are some that I unfollow but still really like. The problem is, I only care about specific topics and they’re filling up my feed with other stuff. Being able to filter on certain keywords would be HUGE.

    And, like your example, this mainly happens with sports blogs 🙂

  12. Interesting idea. Unless you came up with some really awesome premium features, a premium service might be a hard sell.

    That said, there’s possibilities here … what if I want to know immediately when a new post is published? A premium service could push a notification to my phone, or send my browser a notification.

    There’s lots of possibilities like that, so definitely develop the idea further!

  13. If you can create a service that aggregates news from paywall sites, I would sign up. I would like a discount from the collective monthly fee, but I would certainly pay at least 1/2 the standard rate. Amazon is attempting this for a subset of paid sites. NYT and The Economist are not there, however. I love them.

  14. Office is pretty full today but I expect it to be empty but for a handful of us tomorrow.

    I’d love the reduced email notifications in the inbox but can’t see myself paying for services.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Courtney, and the pups!

  15. Interesting idea. My email is stacked every morning during the week with new post reminders. I haven’t really looked around the web to see how to manage it. I would certainly be interested in being a tester in your idea Steve. Let me know if need one.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving with the wife and the puppies!!

  16. As far as how it would affect the bloggers, I would like to know how many followers I had on the service so I could try to track engagement. Also, now you are taking the list away from each person vs me building my own list through email. I can see the need for it but can’t see where a paid product would beat out a free product for most.

    I could see it as another source of list building in a way like bloglovin’ but I couldn’t see myself actively trying to get my readers to subscribe to it just to follow me. But, if it becomes a great source of curated content that I could get featured in, now that might be worth the exposure!

  17. Hmmm, not sure. Most serious bloggers like to have and manage an active email mailing list don’t they? Certainly excellent for the reader but not sure how this would benefit the blogger especially if their blog is monetized. Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree?

  18. I always used to try to work the day before big holidays also at my IT job. Clients were off, no pressure or expectations from the boss to be busy, donuts and leave by 1:30 or 2:00. Almost like a free day off. And thanks for all you do Steve. Appreciate the effort you put into your posts and blog to keep us all inspired and motivated. There is another way to live besides being a cog in the corporate wheel your whole life.

  19. Would absolutely use this. I strive for inbox zero to keep myself from being overwhelmed with too much email, so this service would cut back on the email and post notifications I read through.

  20. I love the idea of a collating service. Would I pay for it though? Well, that is a different question. However, I think it is a great idea. How else could it be monetized?

  21. Very interesting idea. Would this be in the form of an App or another form outside of some of the other services out there? But I would love to be able to customize a feed so everything is in one easy space.

    Take care and best of luck.


  22. Hey,
    Really like the feed idea, think it would be very useful. Your blog has been a great inspiration to my boyfriend and I who are just starting our FIRE journey (from Sweden, heyyyya taxes ftw) and it is very cool to have blogs like yours to browse through to see that the goal is actually achievable 🙂
    Keep it up!!

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