We just wrapped up four nights in Snow Canyon State Park just north of St. George, Utah. The landscape was absolutely stunning. Red rocks as far as the eye can see. Volcanic “lava rock” litters the landscape. It’s stupid beautiful.

We hiked damn near every day and I had my camera with me every step of the way. If you’re following along on Twitter, you’ve already seen some of the stuff we’ve been climbing through. If you haven’t, feast your eyes, my friends.

The Snow Canyon park entrance fee is $10 / day, but the camping fees ($20 / day for non-hookup sites) includes your entrance fee each day. Non-hookup means you get no electric, water or sewer at your campsite. But, who the hell cares? We have solar.

We are off to greener pastures next. Literally. We found a spot a few miles north by a reservoir that’ll serve as our home through the weekend before we head north towards Bryce Canyon. And if you think the Snow Canyon photography was amazing, wait until we hit Bryce. That park has been on my hit list for years.

Finally, we’ll get to experience it – and camp a few miles outside the park. For free, of course.

Love this stuff, people. Happy weekend!

Snow Canyon Photography

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