Snow Canyon, Utah – My gosh, the reds are outrageous

14 thoughts on “Snow Canyon, Utah – My gosh, the reds are outrageous”

  1. While you’re at Bryce NP you might consider poping over to Kodachrome Basin. It isn’t too far afield and is in my opinion an overlooked gem in Utah. It is one of my favorite places. Glad you’re loving Utah, it’s a beautiful state.

    1. Thanks for the lead, Andrea. We’ve already mapped it out and may look to check it out while we’re in the area. From the pictures, it looks damn lovely!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Love following along your journey. A couple Questions for you….do you have your travels planned out? Or are you going where the wind takes you? When you say your camping for free…is that in a designated area or just a spot you’ve found to park? How are your dogs doing with the new life? We also have two. Sorry for the interrogation, we are a couple years behind you and looking to put our plan together. Thanks for taking us all along on the journey!!

    1. Thanks Kim. We have major waypoints along our route planned out, but we don’t have the day-to-day planned necessarily. We enjoy that element of spontaneity. Regarding free camping – we sometimes park in designated areas, but other times we just find a nice spot out on BLM land and claim it as our own for a few days. BLM land is good like that.

      Dogs are doing great. Our larger dog Penny LOVES boondocking because she’d rather be off-leash. She likes to explore on her own. Our smaller dog, Patti, can pretty much find comfort where ever she happens to be. She’s definitely an indoor dog, but very much enjoys more controlled walks on a leash and a path. πŸ™‚

      No worries on the interrogation. Anything you’d like to know, just ask. We’re open books over here.

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