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Ultimate extroverts’ guide to avoiding lifestyle creep

Calling all extroverts! Here are seven tips to help you avoid lifestyle creep, over-spending, and FOMO when your friends go all out on plans.
Nov 9, 2019·6 min read

Going from IT to the Outdoors: The Ultimate Digital Nomad Starter Kit

You can make money outside of an office or a house. Here's everything you need to know about becoming a digital nomad.
Oct 9, 2019·8 min read
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Being a digital nomad isn't always as great as those Instagram photos

Sometimes, the things that you see online are just bullshit. Okay, maybe a lot of the time, it's bullshit. Especially with us digital nomads. Especially those of us who call anywhere our office. When you see pictures of us "working" from breathtaking places around the world, it's not always as it seems. Some of us are tired. Dead tired. Others are struggling for work. Hell, some out there might actually be faking those photos altogether. But hey, whatever gets those likes on Instagram, right?
Sep 20, 2018·7 min read
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Living on the road isn't just about living small

Here's a challenge: Sell two different 1,600 square foot homes and move into a 200 square foot RV with your wife and two dogs. Then, tell me that you aren't just "living small". That's a challenge that I couldn't conquer when my wife Courtney and I decided to sell 99% of our earthly possessions (including a 1999 supercharged Corvette that I bought less than a year out of college ). Here's a picture of me and our
Sep 16, 2018·4 min read

Living on the road: Nine lessons learned from full-time travel

After living on the road for more than two years, this whole experience almost feels surreal. There is so much out there to see. Our Airstream RV is our home, and we wouldn't trade it for anything.
May 14, 2018·11 min read
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Leaving comfort for one of the world's most expensive cities was a great financial decision

Let's say you're sick of the high cost of living in the U.S. and want to move abroad. Where are you likely to look? Costa Rica? Thailand? Maybe Panama? Sure, that's normal. But, it wasn't normal for Kyle from Not Your Parents' Financial Guy . He moved to one of the world's most expensive cities. Today, he tells us why. Kyle and his girlfriend Lauren at Sydney HarbourTaking a leap of faith and making a big change in your life can be a scary time. However,
Nov 17, 2017·7 min read
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We haven't plugged into the grid twice since April

I know that I've said this before (countless times, I'm sure), but we absolutely love our solar system that sits gracefully atop our 2005 Airstream Classic. Since we set sail on a journey of full-time travel April 1st, we've only plugged in once. And that only lasted for two days. For the remaining seven or eight weeks, our power has come entirely from the 500 watts of solar we had installed last November in Oregon . We're out in the middle of the de
May 5, 2017·2 min read

First month of full-time travel: Hiking and Dust!

It's been more than a month of full-time travel and for the most part we are tickled to death about how everything is going. We're hiking a ton. My wife is plowing through a bunch of books that have been on her reading list for quite some time. Me? I'm kickin' my photo hobby into high gear. My sister Twitter account is testament to that fact! Our first month has been a whirl! Arguably, we moved way too fast over our first 30 days, but we've also spent a goo
May 1, 2017·6 min read
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Snow Canyon, Utah - My gosh, the reds are outrageous

We just wrapped up four nights in Snow Canyon State Park just north of St. George, Utah. The landscape was absolutely stunning. Red rocks as far as the eye can see. Volcanic "lava rock" litters the landscape. It's stupid beautiful. We hiked damn near every day and I had my camera with me every step of the way. If you're following along on Twitter , you've already seen some of the stuff we've been climbing through. If you haven't, feast your eyes, my friends.
Apr 29, 2017·2 min read
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How to follow our traveling adventures

You people have been more than awesome over the past couple of years. Your visits. Your words of encouragement. Seriously, you guys make this community unbelievably welcoming. And to top it off, a lot of you have expressed interest in following us as we travel. First, I need to reiterate that this blog is going no where. I still plan to keep TSR active, but the posts here on this blog will relate more to the financial / lifestyle side of what we're up to rather than our travel and photography. B
Apr 2, 2017·1 min read
Guest Posts

Guest post: Take amazing vacations on the cheap

Take amazing vacations on the cheap using credit cards, off-season travel and mistake fares from the airline! Also, know your online resources.
Mar 12, 2016·1 min read

I've got Coeur d'Alene on the brain, and it just will not leave

My wife and I walked slowly along Lake Coeur d'Alene, glancing back and forth between the beautiful water and bustle of the city. It felt like a beach town. Kids played in the sand. Parents sat on beach towels keeping sanity. 
Feb 8, 2016·4 min read