Is that Starbucks worth another decade of working?

8 thoughts on “Is that Starbucks worth another decade of working?”

  1. I like Starbucks and other coffee shops but my teeth can’t handle the amount of sugar in those drinks, so I only go there once a week now. I make my daily coffee at home now. I can’t believe it’s possible to spend $ 1 million on “small stuff” like cable and coffee. That’s crazy. Definitely makes you take a look at the little things we spend, eh?

    1. Hey Jaime – oh yeah, the sugar that’s in some of those drinks are just outrageous! I used to drink the occasional white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. It was good, but super, super sugary. Delish! 🙂

  2. We cured our starbucks habit with the best $100 I ever spent: buying a used latte maker. (Thank you, Craigslist!) It has more than paid for itself; we haven’t bought any coffee out in months.

  3. I’m the oddball here as usual. Frankly I don’t know how people can drink that sugary pee.
    I’m not a coffee drinker, I drink plain black tea, but I’d never pay such an amount ever.
    I guess anything with a fancy SOPHISTICATED-sounding French name is a magnet for mindless sheep consumers. Latte! Served to you by a BARISTA! Oh, and not in a snack bar but in a CAFE!
    Starbucks goers are the same people who voted Trump into office: they think they’ve just joined some elitist country club and possess Style and Taste!
    My parents were both coffee drinkers and wouldn’t think of paying more than a dollar a cup out. And the most they’d ever add to that cup was milk.

    I put a kettle on my stove filled with tap water. Boil it. Pour it into a cup with a two-cent tea bag in it. That’s my drink. Carried out 3 times a day totals 6 cents a day.

    Starbucks makes me sick. It’s the ultimate symbol of gentrification in my area. They drove McDonalds out of business here through devious methods because McDonalds was stealing their customers with their $1 coffee! And Starbucks is Everywhere! Every frigging mall or strip mall or street corner has one. You’d think people couldn’t live without this garbage–and people line up for it!

    Here’s a beautiful summary of Starbucks:

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