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The wild card in your FIRE plans: Your parents

Without a doubt, Doug Nordman has his financial act together. I know this because I’ve interviewed him several times for articles I’ve written about early retirement. He retired at the age of 41 after 20 years of service with the U.S. Navy submarine force by saving more than 40% of his income. He shares his knowledge about achieving financial independence on his blog, The Military Guide . And he has even published a book that shows veterans how to retire on thei
Jul 4·6 min read

Three actionable steps to pay for college (and not depend on student loan forgiveness)

Whether or not student loan forgiveness plans make their way into law, use these three steps to pay for college quickly, the smart way.
Jul 3·14 min read
Live Differently

High-income FI: This sales executive earns almost $400k a year, and saves half

This sales executive lives differently than most. He earns a high income. Close to $400,000, and to achieve high-income FI, they save half.
Jul 2·7 min read
Financial independence

Can you still buy a home if you have student loan debt?

Student loan debt plagues millions of people out of college or trade schools. Does it make sense to buy a house with this debt?
Jun 26·7 min read
Early retirement

How to retire with a high income: A definitive guide

If you're wondering how to retire with a high income, you won't want to miss this definitive guide from early retirement expert Steve Adcock.
Jun 25·5 min read
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Living on a boat: Why I ditched traditional life for this crazy one

Living on a boat isn't a traditional life, but that's also what makes it unique enough to be thrilling, freeing and worth the cost.
Jun 19·7 min read

Stop believing privilege is the key to early retirement

When it comes to early retirement, is it luck or good decision-making that ultimately enables the option to quit the rat race early?
Jun 13·9 min read
Live Differently

Here is the "no shit" truth about our early retirement

What's the no shit truth about early retirement? In this article, I'm telling you everything we did to actually make it happen. No fluff.
May 28·8 min read
How to Think

Do you have the confidence to believe your own damn reality?

Religion, cars, politics, attitudes and philosophies - from a very early age, I have found myself fascinated by what people believe. Our world offers many different things to believe in, thought processes, perspectives and rationalizations, and naturally, people presume that the collection of their beliefs can loosely be considered "the truth".
May 24·5 min read
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Can we still talk money when we are money opposites?

How can we talk about money when we're married to someone who believes in very different money priorities? Almost like our financial opposite? Here is how.
May 23·10 min read
Live Differently

How to retire early: A 4-step guide to quitting the rat race at nearly any age

How to retire early at any age, you ask? I retired at 35 and my wife at 33, and this is the 4-step process we used to make it happen.
May 21·8 min read
Guest Posts

My 10-year prison sentence became my training ground to retire early

I've got a truly remarkable story from a guy that spent 10 years in prison but is still on the path to early retirement. Taking control of your life and working through your challenges can have a remarkable effect on achieving your goals. Here's Bill . Prison is a horrible place. Trust me, I’ve been there. I lived in that concrete world for ten straight years. My journey through the state prison system began when I was 21 years old when I was charged with, “Reckl
May 15·9 min read