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Getting Out of Debt

“Back in the Game” With A-Rod Lets Us Learn From Fallen Stars

Before you can climb out, you need to know how far you’ve fallen
Nov 20, 2019·5 min read
How to Save

100+ minimalist gift ideas for being more frugal

Saving for your financial goals doesn't leave much room to budget for Christmas gifts. Here are 100+ ways to save money during the holidays.
Oct 31, 2019·7 min read

Stop believing privilege is the key to early retirement

When it comes to early retirement, is it luck or good decision-making that ultimately enables the option to quit the rat race early?
Jun 13, 2019·9 min read

Is it unfair to have way more money than your neighbor?

I am a capitalist. I believe in a system where people are rewarded for their hard work proportionately to those who work less hard. As a result, I generally respect wealth - honest wealth. I assume that wealth has been earned rather than given until proven otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty. I believe a society NEEDS to function with both CEOs [
Oct 29, 2018·5 min read
How to Think

I live my life at the intersection of humble and confident

My wife and I retired from full-time work in our 30s because we are both humble and confident. We acknowledge the help we were given along the way and took full advantage to make those advantages work.
Apr 2, 2018·7 min read
In Retirement

Some will never retire early, and it's all their fault

Some will never retire early, and it's all their fault. It's true. The choices we make and motivations we hold make a profound impact on accomplishing our goals - early retirement or otherwise. I'll let you know right off the bat that there's a wheel barrel full of tough love in this post. I know that I'm going to piss some people off , and that's fine. It comes with the territory. I'm okay with it. Still want to continue reading? Goooood. If you're
Jun 12, 2017·7 min read
How to Think

What if we gave everyone a guaranteed basic income?

Try this one on for size: Would a basic income solve our nation's social problems by blindly cutting checks to every person of legal working age and nixing expensive social programs like welfare and social security? It is a profoundly interesting topic, and debatable until we are blue in the face. Studies from around the world have attempted to uncover how realistic a basic income would be, but few of them have led to any credible conclusions. Would a basic income solve our problems? In the Un
Feb 20, 2017·3 min read
Change Your Life

Our lunch with retirement blogger Just One More Year

Yesterday was a day that I thought would never come, the day where my wife and I actually sat down to have lunch with another personal finance blogger. We met at a Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ and talked retirement, goals and generally about what makes us happy. We met up with Bryan and Dianne from Just One More Year . I am continuously amazed at how open and warm the early retirement community is. So many of us are supportive of what each other are doin
Dec 6, 2015·2 min read
How to Save

The epic lunch with a financially screwed friend

I seriously held my tongue so hard that it started to bleed.  I just sat at the table sporting a half "Totally man, I understand" smile on my face just to keep things happy and jovial during the lunch. But inside, I was like, "What the crap?" I just wanted to slap him across the face. And then once again in case he's one of those "hard learners". I love spicy food!Here's the story. I had lunch with a friend of mine the other week who happened to be visiting from out of town (Virginia). We hadn'
Nov 23, 2015·5 min read