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We're Airstreamers, but don't call us trailer trash!

Well, we've done it - we are Airstreamers. As of last Friday, we have officially moved out of our large 1600 sqft house and into our Airstream trailer , just a shade larger than a tenth of the size of our previous home. And so far, we're loving it. It's just my wife and me along with our two dogs who rest comfortably at night between the bed and the curved walls of the Airstream. Like most dogs, they like to feel nestled in and secure. It
Apr 6, 2016·8 min read

Introducing our new tiny living blog - AStreaminLife.com

Happy weekend everyone! I'm here to announce the opening of our newest blog called A Streamin' Life where my wife will chronical our transition into tiny home living in our new-to-us 30' Airstream Classic. This is a blog about living small. About cooking in a kitchen a tenth of the size of "normal" kitchens. About living in a 200 sqft space instead of 2,000. It's about streamlining life down to what really matters, placing need above want. This is going to be one hell of a journey. Check it ou
Mar 26, 2016·1 min read

Getting ready to test drive our early retirement lifestyle

We have our foundation in place. We are rapidly approaching the time when we can put our retirement lifestyle to the test and have a little fun.
Mar 9, 2016·6 min read

We bought our Airstream!

We bought a 2005 Airstream Classic from a dealership up in Mesa, AZ as our next home and take delivery of it March 31st.
Mar 7, 2016·6 min read

The plan: Moving things along by moving out early?

What if we moved out of our spacious 1600 sqft home early in 2016? Originally, we weren't scheduled to move until the end of the year.
Jan 25, 2016·5 min read
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Our adventures in limiting our Internet data usage

One of the biggest changes inherent in our planned move from a house into a 200 sqft RV isn't just the space that we'll be living in while on the road. It's also our Internet connection. Like most of us, we're used to virtually unlimited broadband Internet access at home. But cellular based data connections are very, very different. While some carriers do offer so-called "unlimited" data plans, they are often at much slower speeds. Verizon, the cell carrier with easily the best coverage within
Dec 28, 2015·7 min read
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Our Next Life series: Part 4 - Making the move!

In Our Next Life part 4, we should have our rental home sold. Both my wife and I are nearing the end of our working careers. It's the fall of 2016 and everything is coming together. Hopefully we've found our new home on wheels, detailed in part 3.
Sep 11, 2015·3 min read
How to Retire

Our Next Life series: Part 3 - Picking our next home

In Our Next Life part 2, my wife and I have decided to sell or give away nearly all of our possessions, including our home, buy an RV, and live for years traveling the country and enjoying life on the road with our two rescued dogs.
Sep 9, 2015·4 min read
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Our Next Life series: Part 2 - Selling almost everything we have

Part 2 - selling. The ol' job that I never particularly enjoyed will be done by the end of 2016, along with my wife's. Now, the rest of our lives can begin...lives of travelers and explorers, lives out in nature after trading out our 1600 sqft house with a pool for a 200 sqft aluminum tube - an Airstream.
Sep 7, 2015·5 min read
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Could you live in an RV full time?

Recently, we discovered another option to our retirement plans - full time camping. Okay, maybe not "camping" in the traditional sense, but living in an RV full time and spending several years traveling around the country, seeing new places, meeting new people, seriously getting in touch with nature - and photographing the hell out of it.
Jul 6, 2015·3 min read