Our Next Life series: Part 3 – Picking our next home

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  1. The Airstream trailers are quite beautiful to see on the road and at camping sites. I am curious about the gas mileage improvements often attributed to their smooth shape and surfaces. How much greater gas mileage do you expect to get with an Airstream? In addition, are you planning on going with gas or diesel for your F350 or 3500HD truck?

    You and Courtney’s journey is so closely related to ours – it is eerie. We are keeping a close watch on your progress and learning from your experiences and examples. I am looking forward to the next addition of the “Our Next Life Series: Part 4”!

    1. Hey Bryan,

      We haven’t personally tested the gas mileage difference, but we’ve heard a consistent 15% to 20% MPG increases by those who have Airstreams. Though I personally can’t vouch for those numbers, it does make sense that a trailer as aerodynamic as Airstreams would make it a pretty easy tow.

      Definitely diesel in the truck, no doubt about it.

      Honestly, I am looking forward to learning from our experience as much as you are! I’m sure we will make plenty of mistakes along the way, but hey, that’s part of the fun of choosing this different of a lifestyle. 🙂

    1. Hey Jason,

      We looked at 5th wheels, but the Airstreams have a very low maintenance requirement and are about the easiest trailer possible to tow – especially one that is 30 or so feet long. My folks spent a lot of time in a 5th wheel – they are nice, but they don’t tend to hold their value.

      And yup, a diesel truck will be what we will tow our rig with – probably in the neighborhood of 250/2500HD or 350/3500HD.

    1. Hi Maggie!

      Chances are we will eventually be up in Alaska – not sure when yet, but it’s bound to happen. Beautiful place up there for sure! I’ll be sure to let ya know.

  2. Mrs. SSC and I do the same thing with houses in our “retirement area”. They’ll pop up and I’ll send it to her with the same type of message, “This would be perfect, too bad we can’t buy it today…” Fortunately, there have been enough of those “perfect” houses pop up that make me think it won’t be a problem finding something similar when we do get to the buying point.

    An Airstream sounds like a great choice and I love the look of them. Good luck in your search, and I can’t wait to read more about it!

    1. Hey Mr. SSC,

      Yup, we’re thinking the same thing – though it sucks not being in the position to actually execute this plan yet, it is nice to know that there will probably be a good deal of options available to us when we are ready to begin. If things are available now, similar options will probably be available later. 🙂

  3. Added this comment in your last post, but check out Reno Craigslist. It seems to have a steady stream of Airstreams listed for less than in other areas.

    Are you planning to do a generator, or will you do a high wattage solar array with an inverter, to power your microwave and AC? We’ve been learning more about all of that stuff as we start to contemplate our trailer travel! In our case, we’ll have solar, but will probably choose to skip the inverter for now and go without microwave and a/c when we’re boondocking.

    1. Hey ONL!

      We are planning on getting a Yamaha 2400 generator that will completely power our A/C. We have no plans to use any microwave in the trailer at all and, quite frankly, don’t even want one installed. 🙂

      We were originally going to go the inverter route, but we are starting to reconsider that to be honest. Our 120ac needs will probably be pretty darn light, just charging some of our electronics. No TV will be used, either. So, we are thinking that we might be able to get away with just a converter and a 450w solar system along with the generator. No inverter necessary with solar power – that energy goes straight into the 12v DC batteries that we will upgrade soon after purchasing the trailer.

      That’s our thought, anyway. We’ll see how close we get to all that! 🙂

  4. I didn’t run across too many Airstreams when I worked at the campground, probably because of their price tag I’m assuming. Most people were just weekenders and spent as little as possible on their 25′ travel trailers. I’m intrigued though and will check them out.

    1. Hey Fervent!

      Yeah, I bet the price tag was one of the primary reasons why you didn’t find too many Airstreams. That, and some of the other cheaper “box” trailers do offer additional space via slide outs, but we aren’t looking for those anyway. For full time living, I wouldn’t consider anything other than an Airstream, unless it was a higher-end RV, which can easily get more expensive than the Streams…

  5. I have seen some pretty amazing Airstreams, so I think it will fit the criteria you layed out. One thing that keeps popping up in my head is are you sure that you don’t want to travel for a couple years to get it out of your system and then settle down? I know this can happen after a couple years, I guess I don’t know anyone who just travels/live in an RV, even the mention of your Dad caught me by surprise.

    Curious to hear your thoughts.

    1. There is no real way to guarantee that we’ll want to continue traveling after a couple of years, but we also can’t let that stop us from pursuing it. We know that when we decide to stop traveling and buy a house, the Airstream’s value will probably still be there, so we sell it, along with our truck, and buy a small house or condo somewhere. No big deal.

      There are a LOT of people who live full time in their RVs. But if my parents didn’t do it, then I probably wouldn’t have even thought about this possibility either. 🙂

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