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How to make $100 worth a whole hell of a lot

Published October 26, 2016   Posted in How to Think

When you’re working full-time and bringing in $100,000 a year, a $100-spot probably doesn’t seem like all that much. Heck, it doesn’t even represent 1% of your income. You can easily drop $100 on a nice dinner these days. Or a new pair of kicks. Us “professionals” spend $100 like it’s going out of style. […]
I received an email a couple weeks ago from a reader who expressed disbelief that my “retirement account” (read: investments) grew by a whopping $120k this year – and the year isn’t even over, yet. I love this email.  It gives me the opportunity to point out how powerful a high savings rate can be […]
One of the most spirited debates within the early retirement community revolves around the influence that a high level of savings (as well as income) has on a person’s ability to retire early.  I have argued in the past that although a high income can help, an aggressive savings schedule is a far better measure […]
Audio introduction There once was a dude from the southeast who thought that life could be broken down into a few simple constructs: get a job, buy stuff, retire and die.  Yep, that dude was me.  Early retirement?  Not in the cards.  401k retirement plan?  Sure, but only the minimum.  Retirement was the furthest thing […]

Live like you’re poor, feel like you’re rich

Published November 18, 2014   Posted in How to Think

The key to retiring early is managing your lifestyle while you are young.  This includes resisting the temptation to spend money on things that you don’t truly need (did someone say big screen TV?) and investing every penny that you can into your future self.  Every dollar you spend now is money that cannot be […]