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It seems like stories about tiny home living are all over the place these days, and the idea of dramatically downsizing your home into something just a tenth of the size appears to be catching steam. But, is it all just a fad? I don’t think so, and for good reason. While not right for […]

10 ways a smaller home will make us happier

Published February 3, 2016   Posted in How to Think

Fresh off of our report on Claudia and Garrett’s transition into a smaller home, I’m ripe with enthusiasm over the clear and convincing benefits of maintaining a much smaller dwelling than you might think you “need”. Note: This article also appeared over on our companion blog, Power of 10. With an average home size of over […]
I love stories about people who successfully escaped their comfort zones by making powerful decisions to improve their lives – even if those decisions may not conform to the society-approved way of life. Claudia and her husband Garrett did just that, and I recently had the opportunity to quiz Claudia, who blogs over at, and her […]
Phew.  As we learned from part 1, the ol’ job that I never particularly enjoyed will be done by the end of 2016, along with my wife’s.  Now, the rest of our lives can begin…lives of travelers and explorers, lives out in nature after trading out our 1600 sqft house with a pool for a 200 […]