The Friday Feast ~ the 7th of August

4 thoughts on “The Friday Feast ~ the 7th of August”

  1. Yikes — I hope that fire stays up on the hill and doesn’t harm people’s homes. We think about fire every single day, and are thankful that we haven’t had any terribly close brushes (yet) this year. The perils of living in the mountains…

    Thanks, as always, for these great recommendations. You’ve referred to the big downsize a few times now — are you guys just planning ahead for your FIRE date next year, or are you actually planning to downsize ahead of quitting your jobs? Would love to know more about your plans as they develop!

    1. Hey ONL,

      We’re planning ahead mostly, but we are beginning to downsize pretty heavily in plenty of time for the move. Basically, whatever we do now will be that much less that we’ll need to do when we do finally pull the plug on working life. We’re purposely keeping some extra clothes around in the meantime and will probably do one final, but less stressful, downsize before we make the move.

      That’s the plan, anyway.

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