The Sunshine Bloggers Award

The Sunshine Bloggers Award

The Sunshine Bloggers Award

Something you don't already know about me.

The Sunshine Bloggers Award

    Similar to the Liebster Award, the Sunshine Blogger Award is an opportunity for different financial bloggers to tell us a little something about themselves that the rest of us probably don't already know.  This time, I was first nominated by Mr. and Mrs. FIBigSky before our trip to - coincidently - big sky country.  Then, I received another nomination from Action Economics.  Here, good sirs and madams, are my answers to your queries!

    Sunshine Blogger Award

    Questions from FIBigSky (the first to nominate me):

    1.  What dish would you choose for your last meal?

    I'm a sucker for Mexican food, so I'd probably want a huge plate of greasy nachos, loaded with chili, jalepenos and drippy cheese, topped with homemade salsa and maybe a drop of sour cream on the very top.

    2.  How many screens (TV/phone/tablets/etc) do you own – what are they and do you use them regularly?

    We have one TV.  We usually stream Netflix as we eat dinner at night, but other than that, the TV never gets use.  My wife and I both have cell phones and a tablet.  I have a work computer and two personal laptops with two additional 27" external monitors.  So, I suppose that adds up to a total of 9 screens in the house.  My work computer gets the majority use.

    3.  Do you have pets, want pets or are pets not your thing?

    We do.  We have two beautiful rescued dogs, a little 10-pound poodle mix and a 50-pound boxer mix.  The little 10-pounder is a total fatty - she loves anything tasty, especially meat and cheese.  To our surprise, our boxer isn't quite as food motivated.  In fact, we sometimes have to convince her that the small piece of food that we're trying to give her is actually good!

    4.  What kind of climate do you prefer to live in?

    I'm a warmer weather kind of person, though my tolerance for heat is curiously waning (we live in southern Arizona).  Ideally, a more temperate climate of 50s and 60s in the winter and 70s and 80s in the summer would be ideal for me.

    5.  Do you have something you can’t live without – what is it and why?

    Honestly, no.  At one point I probably would have said the Internet, but I can live without that.  So long as I have my basic needs covered, there isn't anything that I can't live without.  It makes the task of downsizing that much easier.

    6.  What’s your idea of a great date night?

    We are pretty low maintenance people, so a round of miniature golf followed up by an inexpensve dinner out somewhere would be my idea of a great date night.  All in, maybe $50 spent.

    Questions from Action Economics:

    1. What is your biggest financial regret?

    This might sound boring, but my biggest financial regret is not prioritizing Financial Independence sooner in life.  I'm certainly thrilled that I finally came around to realizing the boneheaded mistakes that I was making a few years ago, but I still wish that it had happened a bit sooner.

    2. In 5 years how do you think your finances (and your blog) will change?

    I'm hopeful that in five years, my finances will continue to build through passive capital gains earnings of our investments.  The blog will probably stay primarily the same, but the content might drift a little more towards travel.  The plan is for my wife and I to retire by the end of 2016 and set out on a course of travel and adventure, living on the cheap and maximizing fun to the fullest extent possible.

    3. What are your top 5 favorite books?

    This is a question that I cannot answer because I don't read books.  I have never been particularly interested in reading for pleasure.  It doesn't relax me, and I find that I can make better use out of my time by doing something else.  I do read blogs, a lot.  But no books.

    4. What is your projected Financial Independence date?

    Ours is by the end of 2016, so less than two years.  It started out as April of 2020, then we moved it back to September of 2018, but due to the very low cost of living involved with full time travel in an RV, we can easily set sail and give the middle finger to corporate America by the end of next year.

    Rules Of The Sunshine Blogger Award:

    • Thank the person who nominated you
    • Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you
    • Nominate some other bloggers for this award
    • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated
    • Notify the bloggers you have nominated

    My Nominations Are:

    Questions for my nominees:

    1.  Do you consider yourself "free"?  If not, what would make you free?

    2.  When was the last time you took a day off just for yourself (no family vacations, soccer games, etc)?

    3.  If you had to, could you retire today?  If not, what is standing in your way?

    4.  Do you plan on working after retirement?  If so, what would you like to do?

    5.  Do you consider yourself to be successful?  How do you personally define success?

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