What grade school teaches us about our future

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  1. I try to unlearn every day. Last night my wife and I went on our first “baby sitter watching the kid” date (different then grandparents watching the kid date). We had a nice meal at a Burmese Restaurant and arguably some bad happy hour drinks. When we made it home I told my wife that we should do date night at home. We could buy some delicious cheese and desserts at the grocery store, wait until our son goes to bed, and then sit in our patio with the outdoor fireplace on and enjoy each other’s company. The cost would be $30-40 (if you really want expensive cheese) versus the $120 we spent.

    Unlearn date night. This can apply to many other things. Unlearn close shopping. Unlearn vacations. Unlearn drinking out (that killed my finances in my 20s. I would buy rounds left and right).

    1. Love this story! And I totally agree, having date night home is a great idea and certainly going against the norm. Making these types of choices is how people retire early!

  2. Funny enough, my neighbors do head to work in a Mercedes. I wonder what they think of me. 😉

    So many people believe learning is something you do in school. I have a different opinion about it — learning should be a lifelong process and the chief educator is YOU.

    I think many people do realize they need to save more, and focus on getting the financial ship righted… but making a change to an already well developed life is hard. Nobody wants to disrupt the status-quo when we already live pretty fantastic spoiled lives. Very few people would want to give up a Mercedes.

    It’s almost as if we pick up mass as we move through life. That mass keeps building and building until one day changing direction is an impossibly hard thing to do.

  3. That’s why I allocate time every single day to reading something. Some days I learn something new, but on others – just as importantly- I get good reminders and reinforcing of things I already know but might be slipping on.

    Great post – thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this! So much of reaching financial independence, or even financial stability, has to do with thinking outside the box and going against the flow of what everyone around you is doing. For several years we did that in some small ways (luckily we just don’t have expensive taste), and then we started thinking differently and continuing our financial education beyond the basics. The results have been substantial, though we aren’t FI yet. You’re right that it’s so important to keep learning and thinking!

  5. The rut is VERY real! We wake up like zombies and do the same thing over and over again. It’s one of the reasons why I published a post on encouraging people to take some time off and conduct some deep thought. SO MUCH can be uncovered if we take some time to think about different things!

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