Life is short, so live a little…they say

14 thoughts on “Life is short, so live a little…they say”

  1. Hey Fervent! Yup, working for the weekend seems to be a much too common element of our society. I, too, have spent plenty of working weeks simply working for the weekend. Too many.

    “Working for financial independence.” I like that! 🙂

  2. Hey, just discovered your site. Adding it to my favorites. My wife and I have a similar goal of financial independence in our 40s. I’m 30 and she is 28. We’re also able to live on one salary and completely save/invest the other.

    1. Thanks Jonathan! Living on one salary will significantly push your retirement date up, that’s for sure. And you’ll be training yourself to live that more frugal lifestyle along the way so when you do eventually retire, it won’t be such a huge shock. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. I HATE when people use the term “live a little” when actually meaning “spend more of your money.” Drives me absolutely crazy. Because buying things doesn’t mean living, people. It means spending money on THINGS instead of using that money to actually let one LIVE A LITTLE (aka doing something/going somewhere/making memories). It’s so backwards to use it the other way around.

    Great post and examples of what “living a little” actually means!

  4. You’re right. When I hear people say “live a little” it’s either daring me to do something completely stupid (which has worked) or urging me to spend money I don’t have or haven’t fully thought through.

    Those are the moments that, if happening often enough, will prevent us from retiring at 40. For as long as I’ve studied finance, I’ve always thought about retirement ages and how the ‘norm’ is 65. What the hell is someone going to do at 65?

    I can’t help but think it’s boring as hell to be retired if you aren’t as active and mobile as you want to be. At that point, you should just move to Del Boca Vista (yes, yes, another Seinfeld reference) and play bocce ball with the other ancient turds.

    If I am reading your message here correctly, I agree with your points about living now with experiences, not things, and also living frugally enough to retire early and continue doing those things in your post-work life. That’s my dream, too.

    The key is to take the “life is short” policy within reason. This doesn’t mean you should go blow $20,000 on a vacation of a lifetime, but it might mean ‘take a vacation of a lifetime’ – and that doesn’t have to cost much at all, as you defined in some of your examples.

    Awesome post again, Steve. Love the thoughts, and it’s totally inspired my Saturday!

    1. Thanks Chris! Yeah, I’m not quite ready for Del Boca Vista quite yet, but I will take that cool astronaut pen that Jack Klompus owns. 🙂

      And yup, you read it correct. Life is short, so don’t spend it in an office. Save as much as you can so you can retire as soon as you can, then live the rest of your life having some damn fun.

      Ah yes, damn fun.

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